Zoe Labarr


Zoe looks like a average teenage girl. Her black hair is often dyed bright pink or streaked with colors cropped in a wild Pixie cut. She will wear contacts that never seem to match or thick rimmed glasses. Her taste in clothing matches her style bright colors and jet black accents generally she wears backless shirts and low rise shorts and jeans or a skirt. Long tribal thorn vine tattoos wind over her body along with a set of matching wings on her back as well. (Pres 3, SL2) (5' 7")


Zoe's figure appears to be a pale young girl her colors muted. Her skin is covered in wiry thorn tattoos that snake across her skin. The girl's hair is dark black and cropped short, stained with dye. Her ears are pointed and pierced and a small pair of black batlike wings sprout ftom her shoulder blades along with a long thin tail at the base of the girl's spine. Her incisiors are pointed slightly and eyes are a dark red color.


An odd mantle for any changeling Zoe's reflects her duel kith, hints of perfumes and scents of bedroom lust accompany her and change with regular frequency. The thorn vine tattoos on her skin appear to grow and shift at times.

Public information

  • Zoe currently lives with Corae at her Hollywood home.
  • She spends a lot of time at Kaleidoscope & Sam's bar.
  • Zoe created a token at Corae's home that can recall memories.
  • On a trip to Arcadia Zoe returned physically altered to resemble a Succubus kith.


Zoe the Succubus
Trademark Stockings
Say Ahh
A Childhood relic
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