You Never Know...

::This is found buried deep on the internet, most keyword searches don't actually find this site, at least not within the first Million sites.::

As your Third party interviewer, I - Simply known from here on out as Mephistopheles (Call me Meph, for short) - have gone about and simply gathered information, interviewing various supernaturals from around the world. Trust me, some of them are downright mean.

I'm just very lucky for my insurance carrier (Health, Auto -and- Home) to be so understanding.


Though I value privacy, I have to say, there are a lot of interesting conversations that float around. I've taken some liberty on things.

It's nothing personal, folks, just me being inquisitive…and if you found this site? Srsly?

damn you people are good!



Halloween Town - Straight out of Nightmare before Christmas, a bit twisted, but this is dealing with Fae and their world. everything will be twisted at times. And Jack? well, The Pumpkin King ain't the one from the movies Folks.

The Bloodstained Burb - Leave it to Beaver meets a bad zombie movie. If you are a changeling, it's best that you really don't go here. A Single Cast out Fae lives there, claiming it as his territory. he will eat you. I do mean EAT you. ~ Unnamed Source


Apex Crocodile This 20 foot long beast of a crocodile has 8 legs, a nasty bite and can probably eat most people whole. the body is covered with thick scales that act as a very tough armor and is hard to get through with weapons.

Hedge Beasts, Docile there are plenty of docile hedge beasts, these range from what look like bunnies, to large creatures that look like Yaks. Those Yaks can throw you far ~ Unnamed Source


Did you know these people don't like to be interviewed? They pretty much destroyed five rental cars, threatened my family and well…dammit, you assholes, I'm running an underground database here. Jesus, I'm seriously not related to those Extermination Task forces. Alright?

Please don't blow my car up, kill my new pet or fucking try to burn my house down again, alright?

You people seriously haven't been helpful other than the fact that:

Some of you are really creepy, some of you are really nice, some of you are fucking nut job sociopaths and…then there's the mother fucker that keeps putting flaming bags of shit on my front porch.

Seriously, to the one that does the last thing? Stop. It's not funny and it's something kids would do.


I think If I knew this, they'd be a bit more aggressive.


I know they exist, got a friend who swears by it. I can't say much more, because I can't get any more information.

They Exist. They are good. They are bad. they are weird. 'nuff said.

Other Humans

Strange things of note

Ok, we've all seen it, we've all read it, the SCP foundation site.

Hate to say it, but some of it is funny, some of it is strange. I have to wonder if some portion of this site are actually valid and the rest is there for a cover up.

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