Vipus Sevas

"So let's raise a glass to better days, Forget the past and our wicked ways, Just let me sing this one last song…., and make this feelin' last….all night long"
Better days - Dirges

Vipus Sevas


Vipus is a youngish fellow with bleached hair pulled back into a dreaded pony-tail. He dresses in a pair of black jeans a parliament funkadelic t-shirt and a black trenchcoat - casual but clean. He carries himself with quiet dignity, He generally has an easy grin and talks in a voice that some people find pleasant and some annoying, musical but not too high. (Blood Potency 3, Presence 2, Humanity 7, City status 2, Status Ordo 4)


Raised in the suburbs of los angels Vipus was always the head of the bullies but was brought up as a proud American in the years before the Vietnam War Vipus was an eagle scout and junior marksmen in the JROTC. he grew up in a relatively normal fashion until a dropped government grant lost him his chance at college and he grew up the rest of his teen in bitterness until the age of 17 when the war in Vietnam started he joined eagerly with proud backing from his parents. He enlisted in the U.S. army as an infantryman. After 2 years of service, transfer in the green berets and many commendations he was promoted to the rank of staff sergeant and was stationed at the city of Tet. One night during off hours the Tet offensive started and he was hit 3 times. These injuries forced him to return to America where he met women named Stacy who was acting as a night nurse at city of angel’s general hospital in California. after a seizure brought on by his injuries*and the resulting care* he spent 3 months in the hospital and shortly after started dating the nurse who spent so much time around him.

After 6 months of dating Stacy she brought him into the fold and embraced him. After this he went through a 5 year period of freaking out and doing several drugs to make him forget the horrors he had to do every night he eventually relaxed and got clean for the first time in years. In this time of peace he learned how to make people forget his bites and even make them come to him willingly. After a few years he grew tired of the fact that he could only roam at night and he eventually fell in with the Ordo Dracul where he started studying how to escape the curses of his new existence. He learned how to hold blood in for longer and how to protect his mind from the ravages of fire and light. But these weren’t enough. He eventually started studying how he could force science into its next levels so he could make use of better materials. During his search he found Microsoft an up and coming computer company. As he had already been deeply interested in computer technology he invested large portion of his pension and severance savings in the company and a few years later was rich enough that he no longer even had to worry about money and its trappings.

In the last few years he has been trying to learn to how to manipulate people into doing his research and Ordo duties for him. With his limited medical knowledge and combat training he is limited in his range of skills for heavy duty research and he is forced to rely on other members of the Ordo*who he claims he is manipulating* really he’s more of a panderer of favors and a lazy researcher lacking any focus when it comes to research for more than a few hours. He’s a social creature with his own sense of fashion albeit flawed as it is. He prefers to spend more time making sure other dragons aren’t bothered in their own research knowing he will benefit from them anyway as long as he keeps making sure they owe him…and they always owe him.

His reasons for wanting to join the axes is his military experience and the fact that he can get promoted without having to go through a web of conceit to drop off paperwork. He also enjoys the sense of style you get with being a bodyguard or a soldier. He would join the Carthian’s or another more Militant faction was it not for the research the dragons do. As it stands he’s become a fairly good socialite for a mercenary in the ordo dracul. Almost every lower ranked ordo in Los angeles owes Vipus in one way or another, mostly for saving there asses during the LA riots or making sure a lab didn’t get ruined in a lancea sanctum raid. Hes hardly an axe though, the sworn don’t recognize him as a member and he has maintained the rank of unchained for more than 15 years. In his unchained time he has though been rewarded and is unofficially a dragon knight, as an honorary gift he was given his khukri which everyone thought to be a piece of crap that he just claimed he wanted from a small antique war collection. The knife was magic to a certain degree and granted him the power and knowledge of several souls. The knifes souls informed him of a watch in the same collection that belonged to the last officer to enter the blade. With both these items he has managed to keep himself out of most of the trouble he could get himself into.

In between the time he was embraced and now he spent the vast majority of his time both studying and doing everything physically possible to avoid boredom. He went to every concert Los Angeles had to offer and gained his love of George Clinton and the p-funk. He worked for several L.A. gangs during the riots. He went to several community colleges and learned everything he could about technology (but tended to fail classes out of boredom) and ended up working as a minor computer tech for a few years until he got bored once again. The most notable event of the 70s and 80s for him was the end of Vietnam and the fall of thee Berlin wall. He felt as though his past was finally gone and he finally dedicated himself to the kindred and his work to free himself from the night. He has though despite what most kindred would claim helped the city but usually for a price of some kind. Such as after the LA riots and his defense of several neonates who found themselves in a burning nightclub he was given domain of mount Washington in highland park, it was only later that the mayor of Los Angeles moved there and the prince learned it was probably a bad idea to give Vipus that kind of power even though he has never exercised it.

The last 2 years or so he spent in Tokyo where he wasn’t well received. While he had fun with the local invictus his over casual attitude which worked in western culture didn’t work in more strict society. In that time though he was happily reunited with his cousin jade, while she thought he was actually a farther removed cousin he took her into his home for her school years. After some unpleasantness with the city though and a banished citizen he was forced to fake his death and left jade quite a lot of money before he left. He spent some time in London before getting bored and heading back home to LA where he is claiming his old home making sure there were no squatters and saying he just took an extended vacation. Now he’s back and…well hes really not planning on doing anything for a while, maybe open a pawn shop or something to kill time.

Blazing just aint as fun anymore
He does have a nice smile
Nice Ass
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