Useless Research Of The Ordo Dracul Storage

::Written in the same chicken scratch of Vipus Sevas::
"below is a compilation of the more humorous studies the ordo has pursued"

Vitae as a drug

After the spawning of the show true blood on HBO the ordo chemist *REDACTED* attempted to turn raw vitae into a drug acting as an addicting health and sexual stimulant. He attempted to synthesize the blood with ████████, ██████, and ███████ in an attempt to force it to work in such a manner. Aside from the public and massive masquerade issues it would cause and the fact he got the idea from a Television show on HBO he was in fact successful, not in the way he attempted he managed to make vitae that has been processed to a massive degree act as a highly addictive drug that assists in numerous health aspects such as healing. It does not however grant improved sexual abilities. Due to a Mysteries tribunal the research was locked away as potentially dangerous and useless to transcendence. all samples were siezed and Destroyed.
Note By Vipus "It tastes horrible too, Though it does last much longer. Who the hell would try to make this crap?"

Blood Powered Killing Machine

In an attempt to create a better defense than ghouls or the █████ one Scholar *REDACTED* attempted to create a Golem powered by blood to better suit the vampire condition. The creation was a 12 foot tall shod iron golem with 2 large orbs to hold large amounts of blood to power it and a pair of iron spiked flails on its hands, the golem also held 2 6 inch long fangs for drinking blood from its victims. The creature upon awakening held a thirst for blood that forced it to kill its creator *REDACTED*, his 3 students, 22 ghouls, 6 axe soldiers, and caused immense damage to the east wall of the 3rd floor library and the blood storage freezer. The creature proved to be Impervious to most forms of harm, it was eventually incapacitated with a Barret Light anti-material rifle and the Grandmaster of the Axe attacking it with an Iron maul and prodigious use of Vigor. After Incapacitation the Golem was in 4 pieces. After storage it was found to be attempting self repair, the pieces were separated and moved to different storage facilities. Constant management is required to keep the items from shifting. White level clearance is required to access the golems pieces.
Notes from Vipus "I remember this. Broke my arm in three places before i ran like a frenchmen"

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