Tokens And Purchasing At The Market
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Background of the market

By the dark of the moon, under an abandoned overpass in the bad part of town, the fairies gather to hawk their wares. When the night of the Sabbath draws mortals home to bed, the creatures of dream set up shop in the darkened plazas of the local shopping mall. In the brightest noon, the path between two rowan trees in the park will take you to a hollow in the Hedge where your forgotten dreams will sell you your heart’s desire. From faerie fruits to forbidden Contracts, arcane tokens to unbaptized human infants, anything can be had at the Goblin Market. The only question is: are you willing to pay what the merchant asks?

The markets are created in hundreds of ways. Maybe a group of goblins just congregated somewhere and started selling. Maybe they started a small town and trade came, sometimes its a group traveling for safety. whatever the way they start its all the same. They are there to sell things. These things can be emotions themselves or even a knife that stabbed a fae. These all have a price even if they say otherwise.


While the book claims that unmagical hedgespun clothes are a 1 dot token and cost XP At dark misery they are house ruled to be free. The Downside though is they can have no affects attached what so ever and are counted as trifles, Thus they can be purchased for Rp prices only and these must be RPed. 1 Dot hedgespun outfits are now used as per the Rites of spring book and all grant a slight dice bonus to certain skills or attributes as per the book.

This is so the rules in rites of spring can be made more useful and we can extend the creativity of players in that they can make a general outfit. This free status does not apply to any other token or trifle though. Goblin fruits with no effects may be aquired in rp but will not give glamour they are only for Story and RP purposes.

Anything that has any mechanical effect is not free normally but may be given for free for Story purposes if the ST is running a scene, or may be purchased for XP. Free Tokens at 1 or 2 dots are sometimes done in random scenes an ST is in but anything higher requires excellent scenes or major SLs.


Any scene in which you want to buy a token you must inform an ST. This can be done in downtime or IC depending on preference. Good Negotiations on price or some other methods may net a discount or even a free token but may require hefty rp that leads to collecting something for the merchant. These somethings may be goblin fruits from the hedge, people, or parts of the characters soul such as pieces of vice or long term inability to use a skill.

Some Tokens may have nothing but negative affects or may have no true effect. The price stands regardless if the character buys it in RP no matter what it does. Other times There may be heavy prices attached to an items such as when you use it it calls something like a fae or maybe even other supernaturals.

Goblin Fruit plants are purchased as 2 Dot merits and must be planted and used as per the rules in Rites of Spring. The risks and prices involved are determined by the ST upon planting but as per the rules of such plants can yield much higher rewards.

Selling and joining the Market

Selling things at the market may next free tokens or fruits but the items in question must be extraordinary in nature and usually involve a few scenes or a special scene to obtain. Other times you may trade major skill points or take long term penalties in trade. As usual this is determined by the presiding ST.

Joining the market on the other hand is incredibly difficult. No small trade or minor rp will justify obtaining your own stall. It usually requires a lot of work, a voucher in the community, and some serious pull in the area. Any work in the goblin market must also be done after obtaining the goblin Merchant Merit, This does not mean that you have your own Stall, this means you have a blanket on the floor or you walk around with a chest bench selling small items. The Market Stall merit is required for a stall or tent and gives a true amount of protection for you and your wares. A market stall may also serve as a hollow in an unmoving market.

Anyone who claims to work at a goblin Market takes 1 more penalty above the one in the goblin market book, They slowly find themselves wary of leaving the market for any length of time. outside the market they take a -1 to all wits rolls until they return to the safety of the devil they know.

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