The Visor

The Visor
Previous Archive Number: ██████
New Archive Number: ███████████
Researcher ID: L-40927-a and L-40927-b
Previous Researcher ID: A-24097

Stock Photo of Virtual Mass Produced Helmet

Special Notes: this will be divided into 2 reports, One for Designate A, the other for Designate B. Designate A is, as has been noted in Addendum 301-2105-4520 of Personnel papers, papers of application, the dominate living residence of the corporeal form.

Item #: LM-1002551

Object Class: Confirmed Relic

Description: Item LM-1002551 appears to be a simple VR Helmet, modeled after a device mentioned within the .hack// games, anime and manga. This is a Shoddy replica that looks like it may fall apart.

Containment Procedures: The Visor is to be kept within a climate controlled room, unplugged when not in use.

[Data Classified]

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