The Ringmaster
The Ringmaster

"Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant”
— P.T. Barnum


The Ringmaster is tall, impossibly tall, averaging about 12 feet tall sometimes he seems bigger or shorter. He dresses in a hedgespun Tuxedo made of greed, spun gold, and glory. Generally purple the suit has appeared black or gold on occasion usually at his mood. He always wears an old top hat that covers a balding head and shadows his pitch black huge eyes. His teeth change color randomly from pitch black to stark white and his skin is like porcelain. his waxed mustache finishes off the ringmaster cliche and would make snidely whiplash proud. (pres 7, Wyrd 8, Mantle 5, Inspiring)


As Above


The Ringmasters mantle is one of Greed, Money, and the childlike glee of the new. Wherever he goes carnival music and the sounds of the bigtop follow him. People crave that which is bad for them, sugar, booze, a good fight and the ringmaster is all to glad to supply these things. The food he touches becomes tastier but bad for you. A salad becomes sweeter with more sugar in it. Juice ferments the longer holds it turning to wine. Meat becomes greasy yet satisfying. He is the ringmaster. He is the Market.

Public knowlege

  • The Ringmaster is suspected to be a Banished Fae, He will not give information on his past and will not give anyone any information on himself beyond his name usually. The Name he always uses is 'The Ringmaster, and the Market master'.

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