Tatiana Tarasov
Tatiana Tarasov


Tatiana is a thin women in her early thirties with a cold smile and short brown hair. standing an easy 5'9 she towers over most women and has an air of quiet dignity that shows her true age. Normally dressed in an Armani custom made Pantsuit or on special occasions an evening gown she is not a sloppy or even modern dresser. She does not possess a shadow (Pres 4, BP 5, Status Invictus 5, Status city 4, Status Gangrel 1, Hum 4)

Public Knowlege

  • Tatiana is one of the most Effective kindred in the City. When she gives an order the officers of the court get it done faster than when the Marshall himself gives the order.
  • Tatiana claims to be a Ventrue and does nothing to detract from that statement, Certain Gangrel in the city though keep a very close eye on her and Edwin has been known to make cryptic jokes about gangrel bloodlines.
  • She has never had a bodyguard like the rest of the higher court officials and rarely accepts a guard when she has a gathering at her haven. The threat of invictus reprisals usually stops trouble ahead of time.
  • Tatiana never seems to show emotion or at least no powerful ones. Some think its the result of a bloodline but she has never let on about it.
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