Task Force Valkyrie Threat Scale

We must all understand the threat to our world and out place in fighting it. Below is a comprehensive guide to the rating system given to the threats against humanity as designed by Task Force: Valkyrie. Do not assume these rate every member of the group as Certain Vampires have been sighted to be able to outfight entire companies of soldiers. Always exercise caution when dealing with the threats against humanity.

((players should note mages, changelings, and geists are hardly on this list for a reason. both for how hard they are to track and how much the levels of power varies))

Category 1

Generally weak unless equipped with dangerous implements, generally applies only to humans or lesser creatures like nonpoisonous insects, a skilled cell should be able to deal with a category 1 with no problems. This Category also applies to artifacts that are classed as ‘safe’ in that they do not cause damage to things around them, containment is generally light.

Category 2

Having acquired some supernatural abilities or some form of resilience to traditional weaponry, Category 2 contains vampire slaves and moon children as well as minor ghosts with trouble manifesting. A skilled and properly equipped cell should be able to deal with category 2’s in small numbers.

Category 3

most Ghosts fall under Category 3 as they rarely are able to interact or Valkyrie Agents. Category 3 applies to any creature will limited combat or other threat abilities but is generally dangerous in other way. Examples tend to fall under weaker vampires and psychics. Category 3 also applies to more dangerous artifacts that require more rigorous security or creatures that can bypass basic security.

Category 4

Applying to more dangerous supernatural beings 4s are the first branch of dangerous beings that usually have some form of danger to large groups are humans. Creatures that spread their taints and Psychics with abilities such as pyrokinetic and telekinesis tend to falls under this category. It is recommended that any Agent who finds themselves against such a creature to call in backup if they are unfamiliar with their methods. Capture for Study is the preferred method after Category 4.

Category 5

Applies to truly dangerous supernaturals, any example of super human strength, speed, endurance, or regeneration applies automatic admittance to at least category 5 cells. Category 5 subjects are to be held in the greatest caution and backup and special equipment may be required. When special chemicals are required to contain the creature Category 5 is usually the prescribed label.

Category 6

Anything that cannot be taken down by normal Bullets or that requires the use of vehicles to contain falls under category 6(example as posed is what is Subject-127 a spirit possessed bear that required an M1 Abrams tank to breaks its legs, the creature regenerated in 45 minutes, 4 minutes after it was contained) Category 6 always requires a specialized squad to capture and a normal cell should not attempt to capture or contain anything of category 6 or higher classification. Werewolves and True Vampires are considered at least Category 6 in all instances.

Category 7

Referring to incredibly dangerous creatures who can escape all but the most powerful containment protocols. Special Squads are equipped to deal with category 7 at all times and with Overseer clearance they can be briefed and dispatched in 1 hour. Category 7 is the minimum level of security for all Fae creatures and high security artifacts. Examples of category 7 are the Kogarasu Maru Sword, Subject 003 the Bat Skull and Subject 108 classified as uncle thunder. All Category 7’s and above require overseer or Commandant level clearance.

Category 8

Applying to all creatures that can move across planes of existence or can change the fundamental laws of physics there is no current containment protocol for category 8 past round the clock armed guards. All category 8 beings are given private containment systems and require to be kept as calm and docile as possible at all times to the best of our abilities. Special examples are Subject 637 which must be kept immersed in sulphuric acid at all times to keep it in skeletal form so that it does not escape and cause {Data Expunged}

Category 9

Highest threat level, applies only to the greatest powered supernatural beings or artifacts. Only 20 such cases exist. All require overseer or Commandant level security to even know about. Research is allowed only on special permission with company level security. All Category 9 subjects fall under the XY-catastrophe level danger. Meaning any creature of this classification is considered dangerous enough to be a threat to mankind as a whole on its own. All Category 9 subjects have a company dedicated to their security and containment at all times with no exceptions being allowed. Only 2 examples of Category 9 level escapes have been reported both of which caused a major incident somewhere on earth. Category 9 Containment is required to be private and no other containment cells can be in the same facility. If at any time a category 9 subject shows any actions that can be classified as an escape attempt all available Valkyrie companies are to be mobilized to its location and the commandant and all overseers are to be notified immediately.

(Unofficial) Category 10

{Overseer Level Security clearance required for knowledge of Category 10 Containment. Violation will result in immediate termination} Only 3 examples of level 10 subjects exist. All 3 are not under the control of Take Force: Valkyrie but are kept under 24 hour surveillance. Under no Circumstances is any offer of Valkyrie to attempt an attack or interaction with a Category 10 subject. Examples will not list without the Commandants permission. No attempts at containment shall ever be made and any other groups who attempt to assault, molest, contain, or in any other way attempt to interfere with a category 10 subject Valkyrie Task force 01 (Prometheus) will be dispatched to force them to stop y force.
Examples of Category 10:
Luna(the moon) Subject 007- According to the few(48) Werewolves captured By the Task Force the moon itself is a major spirit by the name of Luna, If this is true then major world religions could be affected in catastrophic ways. Our limited understanding of Werewolf Religions and Terminology leads us to believe that this creature(goddess) does not interact with the world on this side of {possible translation error, english term used is Gauntlet}. All Captured werewolves have been seen praying to Luna at one time or another and as in folklore the phases of the moon seem to have an affect on there bodies in one way or another. Surveillance of the being(goddess) Luna herself is impossible at this time but constant study of historical references to the moon as a goddess are being researched.

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