Targeted Attacks

Ok im making this page because no one ever sees this coming and we dont need to have an ST there every time you try to kick someone in the shin.

targeted shots might include

  • aiming for a victim’s throat (removes enemy’s ability to scream or speak)
  • eyes (blinding the victim)
  • Achilles tendon or hamstrings(halves Speed)
  • back of the head (aggravated damage).

these are examples and should be taken as such. Certain uses are obviously not going to match up here. a bullet to the kneecap for example will follow in the Achillis tendon, a shotgun to the skull will clearly do aggravated damage no matter which direction it comes from.
I do feel that i need to press that slicing someones throat though is not always lethal. You can survive that if it wasnt very deep since most cuts to the throat that kill people usually hit an artery, this is not the case for all throat cuts as sometimes they just cut the voice box which would not kill the person but would render them mute.

Also Im making the house rule here to be perfectly clear, we do not use the rule for tied up persons and damage. If you have someone tied up and they really cant move, and you want to shoot them in the head, they are dead, no roll necessary. to explain this i dont think anyone short of a 5 year old is quite that bad a shot. As long as you know which end makes the bang sound you can kill a tied up helpless individual.

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