Status (1-5)

Your character has standing, credentials, authority or respect within an organization, group, company or social body. He might have an official position or title, or might simply be revered and honored within the group and therefore accorded a degree of authority. Your character might be a company vice president, a police sergeant or lieutenant, an army corporal or a nurse at a hospital. Or he could be a lowly member of the group whom everyone likes or who has won some acclaim and is allowed more standing than he is officially entitled.


Your character is in some way a member and at higher dots important in an organization. There are probably thousands of examples and theres no way to cover all of them. The book lists several Examples from Police to criminal to business. At Dark-misery its frowned upon to be vague with specific organizations so Ordo Dracul, Free council, and Spring court become listed Status examples. Below are some examples of what you can do with Status and its general uses since the book is fairly vague.

The status merit is one of the hardest to justify at even mid levels due to its versatility and power in social games, it can account for almost any social merit, resources, allies, contacts, retainer, and can even help bypass the law. Requesting status above 2 is usually only done as part of a story and with massive justification.

1. At status 1 you can at least say your a member of the organization in question, you might also have friends in low places or know some phone numbers, this is the lowest most base example of the merit and is generally only good for minor uses of the allies or contacts merit.

2. At status 2 you can access the groups records or call in minor favors similar to mid ranked uses of allies or contacts. This is most useful when trying to get information.

3. At status 3 you can get minor retainers from the group to assist for a few hours or get 1 semi permanent assistant. any retainers are 1 dot. you can also use fairly high ranked uses of allies and contacts. This is usually mid ranked officers level where you have real pull over events in the organization.

4. Status 4 is low ranked leadership, you have access to all but the highest and most powerful items and equipment the organization can offer as well as have up to 4 semi permanent retainers of rank 2 or 3 or a small group of temporary retainers. Allies and contacts of the organization are almost all open to you and resources will rarely be called a problem below rank 3.

5. The normal epitome of Status, this is usually a true leader of an organization or someone with remarkable pull. You have access to practically everything the organization can offer and can have several permanent retainers of rank 3 or 4 or a large strike of temporary retainers. Rank 5 is only given when something truly big has been done to earn it and generally requires the death or removal of a leader of the group. Basically if the group can do it and you have rank 5 you can order your underlings to do anything for your favor as long as its not suicide or something incredibly dangerous.

6+. The higher ranks above 5 are usually some kind of grandmaster in an organization and very rarely appear in mortal organizations except when it comes to the president or similar roles. For supernatural groups this will almost always be an elder or someone who has done something legendary for the group. Such legendary things would be spawning a truly successful and powerful bloodline, killing more than 1 true fae, single handedly killing a major spirit, or recovering the oldest in atlantian artifacts that could probably cause a minor cities destruction. Its Generally assumed that no player will reach status 6 except in a major storyline that would take more than a year to clear itself.

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