Special Ammunition

Posted here are special kinds of ammunition created by certain groups. To purchase them you must conform to the requirements such as Resources, Status, or skills.

Cherry PIE"(Pyrotechnically Initiated Explosive) bullets-(req Status ordo 2(if axe member) status ordo 3 (if unbound) or allies Ordo 4)
Specially created by the Ordo Dracul for use by the sworn of the axe. made with a special chemical mix that causes them to superheat about 3 seconds after firing they are the perfect weapon against other kindred. Due to the extreme cost and danger of production they are incredibly rare and only established members of the ordo generally know they exist let alone can get a hold of them.
Any use of a Cherry PIE round grants a +1 to the damage roll of the use of the gun, on top of that the round counts as damage by fire for the purpose of any creature specially injured by fire based attacks. This causes aggravated damage to vampires and other night creatures. These bullets can be made in most rifle calibres but not Pistol. Assault rifles or machine guns that attempt to use this will explode if more than 3 results of 1 come up on a roll. It is recommended that anyone who uses these rounds do so in bolt or semi auto rifles only.
Only 16 bullets max are ever issued at any given time due to limit numbers.

Hexagramic shot(req Status Lancea sanctum 3 Allies lancea sanctum 5)-
One of the rarest none relic weapons of the Lancea sanctum these are special shotgun shells made by soaking silver pellets in holy water for 6 months then carving in hexagramic runes of purity into them then bathing them in holy water again for yet another 6 months. Each shell is a work of art and even the casing is made of holy scripture paper and brass carved from crosses that must have been used on sanctified ground for at least 50 years or a spear that has killed a heretic.
These rounds do grievious damage to any creature that is spawned from hell(or equivalent STs discretion) and vampires with less than 3 humanity left. Every round does not suffer the penalty for silver ammunition and deals an automatic 2 lethal damage with a successful hit, Unless the target is a possesed or a true demon wheres they must make a Resistance roll or be banished from the mortal plane. These rounds are only available to the most honored of the Spear and are only issued in groups of 3 unless a bishop or cardinal gives special permission in which case 7 may be issued.

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