Name: Christopher Shapiro
Apparent age: Late 20's
True age: Unknown
Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Carthian
Bloodline: Unknown


Shapiro is somewhat short by today’s standards standing just shy of six feet, a Caucasian man with brown hair that is styled in the intentionally messy appearance that is so popular these days. Fair skinned and clean shaven he has a look of youth about him, but his timeless hazel eyes betray that sense of youthful innocence one might otherwise expect. His athletic frame is dressed in a pair of gray cargo pants the pockets apparently full to near capacity, simple dark sweater, and a pair of well worn hiking boots complete the ensemble.

Public Effects

Status: Carthian: 1
Status City: 2 (Domain Holder of Beverly Hills See below)
Obfuscate: 2

Publicly Known

  • Shapiro is new to California, having just recently apeared at court with a woman, presumably his childe Alexis Hart
  • Prior to coming to LA, it's no secret that he is from the east coast.
  • At the January 29th court only his second apearence in formal court in L.A. he was summoned by the prince and sheriff to execute a captive kindred.
  • Was awarded Domain of of a small area of Hollywood with his childe following the capture of two fugitive kindred from the court.
  • It's believed through the carthians that he maintains allies in the entertainment industry


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