Serena Lafayette Demigod of Poseidon
Serena of the Sea

“I am the Sea, I am huge and Unknowable, but ill let you try anyway.”
HG Wells


Serena is a tall beautifully tanned greek women in her late 20s, With long black hair and sea green eyes she is rather lovely by any standards. Usually wearing old style robes and slips She dresses like you would expect a priestess in an old movie or a dancer to. She is fickle and her mood shifts like the oceans, calm and serene one second, raging and dark the next. (Appearance 5, Charisma 3, epic appearance 2, epic charisma 1)

Public information

  • Serena's human parent was a wealthy investor in cris craft before she died in 2007 she left Serena a rare Yacht for a home and a large fortune. She uses this to live in the Venice Marina.
  • Serena has a Trident given to her by her father at her calling, with it she can call lightening upon her enemies
  • Serena has become something of a cult figure to the Greek community of Venice california. They see her as the voice of tradition and the old gods. She has openly dissuaded this idea and has tried to get them to stop.
  • Serena is one of the most successful scions around and gained demigod-hood after a fight with small Krakens who attempted to sink some shipping boats
  • Serena is known by the national guard and the LAPD to be a scion, they dont go near her to arrest her anymore after one of them put a hole in her boat and she threw him all the way to Avalon island with a wave.
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