Seasonal Calendar

The Seasons in The Game work differently, as the weather is unique to the Area. This points out the changes in many things, including the Reign of the Seasonal Monarchs in Changeling.


January 1: New Years - A large Party is normally held by the Spring court, regardless that the Reign is Still that of The Winter Court


February 14: Valentine's Day/All Hearts' Day; The Official First Day of the Reign of the Spring Court.


March 20: Sun-Earth Day - as a day that Celebrates the Earth and Sun, this holiday has been claimed by the Summer Court, World round, it normally starts with a morning vigil and prayer to the Sun itself. The day includes hearty celebration that goes into the night Ending with a bonfire until Midnight at the International Date Line.


April 1: the largest Day for the Spring Court, it is riddle with Pranks.



June 20: First Day of Summer, First Official Day of the Summer Monarchy, Parties and Tournaments are common


July 1:




Samhain; Halloween; All Saints Day/All Hallows Eve: All Three of these Holidays Mark (in the northern Hemisphere) The Rise to Power of the Autumn Court, In the Southern Hemisphere Halloween and All Saints Day/All Hallows Eve Mark the Beginning of the Autumn's Court Rule


Day of the Dead November 1: A day praying to those that have passed on, though it is considered an Autumn holiday, Many partake in the festival, bringing bits of food to lay at graves, sometimes not even to those that people know.


December 20 First official Day of Winter, The Winter Monarch Takes Power

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