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It’s been thousands of years since the gods have openly interfered in human lives. In this time the Christian god has come to power and the old gods have been forgotten or been moved to the realms of myths. This is most unfortunate since proof has now been dropped on the world. From the seas, mountains, and sky the titan spawn have returned to free their great masters from Tartarus. The military can’t do anything to stop the great creatures without large scale mobilizations. The world is being pushed into panic. The Pantheons of the gods old and new have gotten together and sent the call to the scions to awaken to their destinies. For the First time in millennia since the great pharaohs and Hercules himself the children of the gods have returned to stop the titans from returning to plague the worlds of humans and gods.

In the time since the titans have returned many small towns have been destroyed or taken over. Washington Dc has been attacked dozens of times. Rome was destroyed by 2 great Wolves from the mountains. Tokyo is under constant assault from the sea to the point the beach has become a huge militarized zone. London is under the control of the titans completely after a dragon brought its spawn to assault the city and enslave the people. That’s not to say that life has changed all that much, it’s too much like World War 2. Certain parts of the world just go day to day and ignore the problems letting others deal with it. Most of America has managed to stay generally the same with the obvious culture changes such as military presence and the odd disappearance.

Along with the thousands of Machiavellian schemes of the gods the call of the titans has forced the scions to go back to action from all walks of life. It’s been 10 years though since the awakening. Humans know of the scions but they know of them in every way, the dark scions of Mikaboshi who cause chaos, the Light bringing scions of RA, even the evangelist scions of Jesus. Certain countries are trying to force the scions out and let them deal with it alone, others see them as gods themselves or superheroes, mostly America. In many areas though the scions try to find ways to fight the titan spawn incognito, they join the army, do it quickly and out of the cities, or they just wear a mask. This has created an odd culture of people pretending to be scions and scions who try to hide what they are while others pull insane stunts. This has been mitigated by the extreme rarity. Modern culture causes the actually really only a few hundred scions worldwide to be on YouTube every day. The famous scions Amun Shokah and Jason Dent draw so much media cover it helps the smaller ones go unknown for years.

This is where LA comes in; the city of fallen angels holds a few scions that deal with protecting the city that doesn’t want them there. Los Angeles has been damages dozens of times by less careful scions and the Titan spawn to the point that groups have been born to get them out of the city by any means necessary. Not to say they are hated though, the police just keep a close eye on them arresting (or try to) the ones that use their destructive powers openly and hunter groups try to destroy them with high powered weapons. The common man though still sees a scion with wonder since the average person is highly unlikely to ever meet one.

Famous scions of Los Angeles

• Serena Lafayette- Scion demigod of the ocean and daughter of Poseidon. A demigoddess that lives in Venice beach she generally stays on her boat to avoid being bothered. She holds off the creatures of the ocean and has become an icon for the growing Greek community which she tries to dissuade from worshiping her since she doesn’t like the attention.

• Gabriel Mkvenner- Scion Hero of the forest and son of Artemis. Gabriel is a hunter who live in the san angeles forest and runs the occasional hunting trip for people who wish to join him. Along with his guardian bear he halts the troll and tartaran beasts from overrunning the city from the north.

• Raphael- Demigod of Gabriel the archangel. A preacher in the los angeles temple Raphael claims to be the mouth of god on earth calling the end times. Unpopular among the other Scions he claims he is the only true scion of the one true god on earth. Using his pistols he has killed 3 other scions who have questions his claim, he also has a small gang of scions that have joined him in his campaign for the end of the world.

• Mikhal Gobel- Scion demigod of the mountain child of Thor. Ruler of big bear,Since big bear became a thrill seekers death trap Mikhal has been its guardian. Mikhal is the one who manages big bear making sure the titan spawn don’t get down the mountain with his monsterous axe.

Locations of interest In Los Angeles

• Big bear mountain Vacation Resort- since the titans have come vacationing in big bear has gotten dangerous, instead of skiing its now titan spawn hunting with big guns, thrill seekers come here to chase down monsterous snowmen and wolves the size of cars. The death rate is atrocious and sane people don’t try it. Luckily thrill seekers aren’t especially sane.

• San Angeles forest- before an idyllic camping spot has become riddled with monsters of all shapes and sizes with rumors of a dragon in the heart of the forest. Many humans and even scions have entered and never left.

• The sewers- Sure no one really goes into them but for good reason. Every once in a while a sewer main explodes and something escapes, a tentacle horror, a giant made of filth, a snake as long as a bus. The sewage department in most major cities have become one of the most dangerous jobs showing the definition of a ‘dirty job’

• Joshua tree and the Mojave desert- the small town of Joshua tree right outside Los Angeles and the desert itself have become the territory of the titan spawn. The towns people have become slave to fire giants and the great Surtr king of the giants and ruler of the desert.

• The Feast hall- A bar run by Jorgar, a norse scion who tries to hide his god given powers for some reason. Known harboring more than a few scions on the run the police don’t come here, ever. Jorgar doesn’t allow it and hes been seen to take a hundred bullets and ignore all of them.

Game sheets and rules

Scion Sheet
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Scion house rules or changes to the system
Creation rules are as per the book. the sheet above has everything you need to fill in.
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