In the new age the kindred are starting to fall behind in the grand hunt. Humans with technological upgrades in there bodies are catching up to the majesty of the kindred. Normally an embrace involving implants causes bloody removal of the non organic parts. But 15 years ago a new bloodline was formed out of nowhere. Rico a young kindred of new york found that he could force his blood to move and behave like a human body just enough to trick the implants into working and to keep his body from expelling them. He soon after sired 3 more kindred all with the same ability.

The Nouveau are a very young bloodline that draws the scorn of every ancient vampire there is. The common perception is that it is below the kindred to stoop to using things like implants or genetic manipulation. Any kindred who would stoop to trying is lowering the blood to relying on human weakness. So the nouveau stay on the underside of kindred politics where the elders think they belong.

Parent Clan



The Nouveau have 1 benefit over every other kindred. They can use cybernetic and genetic augments without problems. While in other kindred they are rejected and unworking the Nouveau can activate any augment the same as a human can. They also bypass the surgical healing time by using blood to heal any surgical wounds while ignoring the augment. A Nouveau can walk into an augment clinic and walk out later that night with a shiny new brainplug.


The nouveau though are just closer enough to being alive than most kindred and as such there blood never gets very strong. They cannot go above 5bp at all. A powerful curse that no one in the bloodline knows of yet. Another downside also rather unknown is that any shapeshifting ruins implants. So any use protean causes aggrivated damage in are the shifted area if an implant is present. This is obviously on top of the mekhet weakness.

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