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Noah Rohston grew up on the west coast of the United States. His home was an RV(motor home), which was useful because his parents were gun-runners. They traveled from Arizona, New Mexico, California, and even Mexico. Noah never attended school. Instead of learning about state capitals and pronouns, Noah learned how to load, strip, and fire guns. He learned how to pick locks, hotwire cars, and most importantly, how to survive.

When Noah was 10 years old something unfortunate happened. Two police officers conviently tried to bust Noah's parents, however they weren't trying to take them alive. Noah's mother was shot in the head killing her before his young eyes. His father, out of anger, pulled out a shotgun. He too was killed after being shot several unnecessary times. Noah would learn later that his parents were murdered and the officers never intended to arrest his parents.

Noah was bounced around to different foster homes. He finally found a foster family who seemed interested in taking care of him. Frank and Molly Young were their names. Molly was a religious nut, who constantly shoved religion down Noah's throat. Frank was more interested in shoving other things down Noah's throat. Frank started out being overly physical with Noah. Whenever Molly would leave for work, Frank would take the opportunity to abuse Noah. He was abused from the age of ten to fourteen years old.

One night, when Noah thought he couldn't take it anymore, he snuck a meat cleaver from the kitchen into his room and hid it between his matress. When Frank came for Noah that night, he knew what he had to do. Noah painted his room with Frank's insides that evening. When the police came to his house for a noise violation, they found 14 year old Noah, naked and covered with blood.

Noah was led away by the police and placed in a police cruiser. On his way to the station, the police cruiser was ambushed by a motorcycle gang known as The Road Lizards. The police were easily killed and young Noah was confronted and embraced.

His sire was a man by the name of Maliq. Noah was more excited about his new lifestyle and being away from Frank, that he failed to listen to what the others were trying to teach him. A month after he met The Road Lizards, they were attacked by a group of werewolves. Noah was the only one to survive. He fled to Nashville, where his sire had gone for a few weeks.

Upon hearing that his entire pack was killed by a bunch of werewolves, Maliq took his anger out on the boy. Noah would be slapped, punched, kicked, and beaten even for the most littlest offence. Noah also got into trouble with the other vampires in Nashville for breaking rules unknown to him.

After four years in Nashville, and after Noah's sire, Maliq abandoned him, Noah decided to follow Asuka and some of the others to Tokyo, Japan. Noah's luck improved when he met Maya. Despite the fact that she is a ghoul of someone else, Noah cares for her deeply and looks forward to spending eternity with her.

On February 23, 2009 Maya went missing. She did not show up for work or at school. She simply vanished without a trace. Noah has been dealing with this loss on a nightly basis. He has become distant from his mortal friends and the other vampires. He visits the beach almost every night because it reminds him of Maya the most. He usually wears sunglasses to cover up the blood in his eyes.

Noah tells those who ask that Jeri has adopted him. Noah and Jeri have a mother/son relationship. She is there to listen to him, help him out, and offer Noah great advice.


  • "<Noah> They all can't be as good looking as me." "<Vipus> yeah jailbait is the new black"


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