New Kiths And Merits

All new Ideas for kiths and changeling merits are posted here with ST permission. Kiths that are short or dont have Pictures can be posted here under new kiths, those that are longer and have images should be made with a new page and linked under new Kiths

New Kiths


Erinyes (darkling) - The fallen of the lost there are very few non-loyalist Erinyes in the world. all are born from betraying someone important to them at some point in there lives and showing no remorse. Each shows this mark somehow, pitch black eyes, black feathered wings that constantly molt, a bleeding wound that never stops but never seems to leave a trace. No court in there right mind would suffer an Erinyes to be around for too long which is why they hide in other kiths claimin to be succubi or leechfingers. The Erinyes have the scent of betrayal which allows them to smell out those who have commited a true act of betrayal in the last month. with a successful Wits+comp roll they can smell betrayal, if they add a dot of glamour and take a -3 they can know exactly who commited the act. This usually leads to other paths of inquiry.

Baatzu (ogre kith) – Born of the demons of legend Baatzu are some of the most repugnant of the ogre kith. Some resemble fiendish gorillas with clawed hands and bloody tusks and others may be four armed monsters (very rare) with horns and a deadly stare. There kith Blessing is Claws of torment all Baatzu have some form of hand weapon such as rending claws or black flames wreathing their hands(1L), these don’t generally damage things they are holding unless they want them to do so, As an added penalty though Baatzu are to a one horrible creatures even if they don’t want to be, the urge to eat human flesh, sunken skin showing bones, or just a generally horrible appearance showing them as creatures of death and darkness gives them a -1 to any roll that uses presence on top of the normal ogre penalties. This penalty even applies over the mask as not a single one is a looker to other humans giving off an aura of just being wrong or not being one to mess with.

New Merits

Form of the Beast (merit 3dot) – prereqs: ogre seeming, wyrd 2, clarity below 5 – This changeling has a particularly horrible form brought on by nameless torments of arcadia and has such gained certain advantages from it at the cost to his mind the character may choose 1 of the following advantages but must take the requisite penalty as well for the one he chooses, you may only take this merit once and only at creation.
Four armed horror- Your body has an extra set of arms situated below his normal ones that are dexterous things completely at odds with over muscled masses of the upper normal pair giving the character a bizarre appearance. These hands are usable with the multi limbed fighting style at a -1 but the character has a hard time organizing the four hands to work together at the best of times and takes a -1 to dexterity rolls that involve his hands(does not apply in combat only with any mental or social rolls) the second set of hands always have -1 str on the normal hands whenever used but are quite the horrible sight.(these do not show up on the mask obviously and any movements they do or actions are always justified as being done by the main set of hands)
Giant brute – The Character is a huge brute that towers over everyone else with a wall of muscle and bone, the character gains +1 size and may stack this merit with the giant merit. His mask will show him as a huge man but not beyond the scope of reality but on his seeming he is a giant without compare easily hitting 7 and a half feet with just this merit but capping 9 to 10 feet with both this merit and giant. The back draw is a -3 to all stealth and larceny rolls. He is just too big to be subtle.
Gruesome healing – the Ogre may feast on the flesh and organs of their opponents to heal their own flesh, this is a slow and horrendous method but it’s faster than normal healing and easier than goblin fruits. Over a number of minutes equal to the targets size the character can feast on him to regain any wounds(yes any, lethal, aggravated. This is a brutal but very efficient method) equal to the victims remaining health boxes not filled with aggravated damage. Any target must be at least intelligence 2, human (or human like, hobgoblins, fae, vampires, werewolves, it’s all the same just no animals). This is always a deadly process to the target dealing one point of aggravated damage for every point eaten. The target must be somehow incapacitated by being bound, unconscious or dead. This is clarity 2 crime no matter when it is used and shows a particularly depraved mind or savage desperation.

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