Metatron Academy
School Facade

History of the School

Some Places arent meant to be seen by the public and this place is one of them. The Metatron Academy is a supernatural school dedicated to not only the study of hedge magic's but Golemetry, Geomancy, and researching the paranormal. This is hidden by a facade of a high brow private school with a very very exclusive student list. No one outside the school knows how the student invitations works. To even teach here you must be a skilled hedge mage or be able to control magical power or relics. This means the school is exclusive to a massive degree. This has been the tradition of the school since its inception in 1919 after getting the deed to the island. Since then the school has been built up with several dorm buildings and a full marina. most of the school is dark when you get past the white facade in the front that the public sees. The front of the school is made to look as nice as possible for the public. No one is allowed to work any kind of craft or cash rules or call on golems outside at all to ensure that no one sees anything they are not supposed to.

Description of the school

The front of the school is set in the bay of the island, the only way on by sea. The area is a designated no fly zone by contract with the US government making sure the only people allowed in are those the school can see coming. The main building of the school is a 4 story white and red building with several plantation style dorm houses in front giving the place a warm appearance to the outside world. The other school buildings hidden behind the trees and above the rocks of the islands sides.

The islands marina ships in all its supplies and even has a small market for students run by businesses that win a monthly lottery and students are not allowed off the island without permission from the schools headmaster. There are always at least 3 boats in the marina, 1 used for groceries and medical supplies, the Headmasters Yacht, and the emergency boat. This leads back to the dorm houses that are co-ed for the college students and single sex for the high school students. These are all comfortably appointed with strict rules about modifying the rooms.

Past the treeline though the school is very different, The library building is dark and imposing and is the biggest building in the school with several archives and reading areas for students, most specialized classes are done in the library. Under the library is the locked archive that the students are not allowed in.

The main school building has been replaced several times after accidents and is now a reinforced concrete building with runes painted on all the support walls to ensure they stay standing. This is where golem making, pyromancy and other more dangerous classes are taught as well as the research of dangerous artifacts are conducted.

Next to the Library is the Gym building which is…well a gym. Behind that is the cemetary which is haunted by several ex students and teachers. Once a week spells are made to ensure the ghosts cant escape and cause chaos. The cemetary is used for the rare necromantic ritual and body parts are sometimes dug up for golem creation when 'volunteers' become rare. 'volunteers' are a necessity for the school and the headmaster pays well for them to be brought in for numerous uses.

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