Miens And You
Meins and Mask

How it Works

The books description of the mask is the Wyrd shielding the true form of the lost for whatever reason. Maybe to protect humans, maybe to protect the changeling. It could just be a band-aid for the changeling while they heal the damage done to them in arcadia, or maybe its a bandaid for the damage they are causing in the real world. The answer changes with anyone who wants to describe it.

Tips and tricks

Describing the Mien of your character can be kind of hard if you dont have a concrete idea. So usually its easier to start with affinity. What does your changeling resemble the most outside of human. Maybe its a cat changeling, if thats the case you can start with ears, maybe you can go with stripes of fur on certain parts of the body. It could be a gremlin wizened, if thats the case green skin and a long nose is usually a good start. But be sure to detail the bloated belly, beady black eyes, or maybe ears as long as a childs forearm. Its usually a good idea to use artistic ideas that convey an idea about things that cant easily be described. Saying a brightling has a halo of light is well and good but doesnt it sound better and more dramatic to say 'Her head glows with morning light in a deep hope filled orange hue'?

It always comes down to preference but the biggest help you can get it from the stories that inspired the kith your in. Gristlegrinder is clearly old story giants who did the 'eat your bones to make there bread act, so you can always imply that it 'seems' like they might want to do such a thing. Changeling is a game of perceptions. An ogre probably doesnt want to hurt anyone, but something about his mien bleeds through that implies to humans that he might do it anyway. Always enforce this idea in rp. Beasts arent all feral, and they dont all reek of musk. But maybe when they sit somewhere for too long theres a faint smell lingering? or certain animals just wont go near them for fear of being eaten. Its up to the player to talk about this kind of thing. it adds to description and adds depth to rp. Dont do it randomly in a way that becomes monotonous though, only reference it in actions that will make them seem more in keeping with what is going on, catlike grace? sure. murderous intent where it really shoudnt go that far? hell with ogres its practically a given.

This concept becomes invaluable at high Wyrd. When the mask starts to get eaten away at by the mien little things start to peak through. Equinox roads cover this easily but its best to remember that these are always subtle and at mid wyrd easily explained away. Maybe a icebloods sweat is ice cold. Ogres might have sharp bone breaking teeth when seen in the corner of the eye. Beast scents, fairest glows. all of it is fair game.

One thing to remember in what not to do with a mien though is very very simple. dont go too far. remember that they are always human-like. you cant have claws that really do lethal claw wounds, but they can look pretty mean. Wings are never big enough to be used. Horns are never weapons. Another things to remember but probably doesnt need to be said is always remember that you cant make a character with 8 arms like a spider, or an insect lost with a mantis head. They may have aspects of this but never enough to change there humanity…until there wyrd gets high enough.

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