Map Of New Orleans

The Mega City of New Orleans has taken over the entire Pan handle of Louisiana. It’s separated up in to Four Districts

1. Baton Rouge Uptown 1st district (Blue on the map). There are 4 zones in the District of Baton Rouge

Zone 1 (located in the North Eastern corner) Massive sky scrapers and city buildings are located here.

Zone 2 (Located in the south Eastern ) Night clubs have popped up all over the zone. One is Fire & Ice,

Zone 3 (located in the mid western where the 1 is on the map) Fancy apartments and Hotels have been placed here.

Zone 4 (Located in the South Western) Casinos have taken over making Baton Rouge of Mega City New Orleans a mini Vegas.

2. Saint James is the 2nd district (Green on the map) Middle class not for the poor and not for the richly riches of the Mega city for those barely making it.

Zone 1 (The east) Lower middle class, more crime then zone three yet less crime than District 3. Not the best place to raise children but better then District three.

Zone 2 ( The West) Upper Middle class live. Nicer Parks, Nicer schools, less crime

Zone 3 (Middle) This is where the Police department , fire house, a hospital, One of the nicer schools in in Saint James District is in this zone.

3. The Slums 3rd District (Purple on the map) – Three Zones- The bad parts of the city

Zone 1 The Docks (in the middle),

Zone 2 Gang-lands war zones (West)

Zone 3 Old New Orleans where many pour live (East)

4. Tunica Hills 4th district (Darker Green on the map) North Mega New Orleans, Forests, Woods, a Park on the northern border of District two, Also where The rich have bought up and built their villas around.

Zone 1- The Hills,(In the North Eastern two squares closest to the 1 on the map) A wooded area in the of the 4th district Close enough to get to Baton Rouge where they may work with little hassle- This is where many of the rich have bought land up and built million dollar villas and mansions.

Zone 2 wild animal Forest – (The North Western on the map) Section of Tunica Hills filled with forests, and wild animal preserves and some cabins an less expensive homes and villas.

Zone 3 – Safe Place (located in the south Eastern tri colored box on the map) The Park would be located in this zone, as well as the Baton Rouge Zoo, A Blue Bayou Water Park, Dixie Landin' Amusement Theme Park and the USS Kidd floating museum, and an ultra-contemporary Shaw Center for the Arts, which clusters an art museum, gallery spaces, theaters and restaurants in the heart of downtown. This is a place for family’s to spend their days together safe from most crime.

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