Maiza Avaro
Maiza the Mystic

Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods."
— Albert Einstien


Maiza is a coffee skinned man in his mid 20s maybe, He looks young but his eyes show the wear and age of time, he always has a rather vague smile. His hair is short and brushed back and his eyes are a dark brown that have just a hint of ancient life and madness. He keeps a hardbound book on him at all times usually strapped to his waist with his left hand almost always touching it like hes protecting it. He has a soft Italian accent and his arms have snaking black line tattoos.(presence 4, SL 2)

Public knowlege

  • Maiza is old, very old. Hes been around for hundreds of years working for his organization or maybe even helping to run it.
  • He is never without his book, a large thick number with a brass or maybe gold rune on it. the rule is so old its starting to get tainted green and the leather is stiff and old but in immaculate condition.
  • When outside he dresses in a suit usually and does not look his age. The only thing that gives away what he really is; is his eyes, which shows the wisdom and power of ages.
  • He enjoys studying history and philosophy but never has any book but his own. The thing never seems to run out of pages either.
  • Officially he is a member of the Italian Consulate and has diplomatic immunity. In fact his car, a rather nice Lincoln town car has diplomat plates.
  • His Assistant is the very insane Naida, a girl who he keeps around to ensure she doesnt cause chaos.
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