Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 250lbs
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Hair Color: varying shades of blonde
Birthday: November 21st
Eastern Zodiac: Scorpio/Sagittarius Cusp
Western Zodiac: Metal Dog


Lucifer stands a tall and athletic 6' 2" and has blonde hair down to his shoulders that is Semi-wavy. He tends to wear relaxed semi-casual clothing. he speaks with a thick German accent. (Pres 3, Status Acanthus 1, Status Silver Ladder 1)


Born to a family with two older siblings, always trying to find a way to beat the siblings, he finally found that Figure skating was something that he could do that neither of his siblings could do. He took to the ice well, soon taking lessons and aspiring to go to the Olympics.

He made nationals and ranked 3rd, but failed to rank for the Olympics in 2006. After a training session in Olympic qualifying for , his vehicle was hit, putting him into a coma in which his consciousness wandered. He found himself in a twisted world, moving to the Lurgent Tower and looking around. he was not sure why, but he signed his name on a plaque.

Instantly he was awake from the coma, learning that three weeks had passed, his chances to go to the 2010 olympics had been denied and he moved south on a road trip, settling down in the eccentric city of LA to teach ice skating privately to children of wealthy families

Rumors in the Consilium

  • He is an asshole and temperamental
  • He lives with Alex, the two converting an old home to something Steampunkish
  • He is in a relationship with Yuri, a Changeling
  • He is a Member of the Mage council
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