This page lists any general Locations in Los Angeles that i can cover. More will always be added when people can work on them.
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Please note that several(if not all) of these places are real and i do not own the rights to the names, likenesses, or much of anything for them. Although i do Recommend them if you ever visit los angeles, especially the Cafe Pantry, no vampires really hang out there but the coffee is excellent

The Cafe Pantry - Famous Restaurant in downtown Los angeles serving as something of decently priced menu with damn good food. never been closed once in 30 years
Knitting Factory - Large Multi-Staged Club in hollywood that caters to several kinds of music and large crowds. 16 and up with overpriced drinks the same as anywhere else in hollywood
Griffith Park - large park on the east side of los angeles directly adjacent to the L.A. zoo and several small shopping areas. Famous for the Old Carousel, the burned out zoo buildings near the main hill and the sprawling hiking trails that go into the hills.
Phillipe's - Landmark Restaurant in the Downtown district popular for sandwiches and a friendly environment.
Staples Center - Major sports center famous for the lights and shopping in the general area
US Bank Building - tallest building in los angeles, the top floor is used for day to day elysium by the Prince of the city.
Union Station - Monument train station in the downtown district. one of the oldest buildings in los angeles and open 24/7 to cater to the mass transit of the area.
The Basin - A concrete bowl in the highland Park hills used as a Neutral Meeting place for the covenants, steps are carved into the bowl and double as seats with the center used as a stage for speakers.
UCLA - University of California Los Angeles, One of the Biggest schools in the city with a sprawling campus with a chapel and dozens of major department buildings.
Griffith Observatory - Observatory on top of one of the taller mountains in griffith park Recently refurbished and is once again a major tourist attraction.
Hollywood Boulevard - Famous street boasting several historic theatres, hundreds of major shopping outlets, and the famous chinese theatre
Chinese Theatre - Historic theatre in hollywood thats held almost every large scale movie opening allows renting of theatres for private events
Musso and Frank Grill - one of the most famous restaurants in the city patroned by actors, writers, and anyone with good taste
Clifton’s Brookdale Cafeteria - Cafeteria type restaurant in the downtown district and a city landmark, Carthian held Elysium. Decorated in 60s style working order, brushed metal and homey wood walls.
LACC - Los Angeles Community College a good sized campus on vermont and santa monica, constantly busy with hundreds of students at any given time
Brass Monkey - Bar built inside an old bank vault and one of the iconic bars of los angeles with a friendly staff and some of the best drinks in the city
Embers Lounge - Famous Whittier bar holding oil paintings and a 1930s feel. Expensive drinks with a nostalgic environment.
The Rialto - huge theatre famous for major broadway shows. It has the longest Marquee of any Broadway theater
El Capitan - rebuilt theatre in Hollywood. housing an old feel and near constant showings of move previews and debuts of normal stage shows and movies.
Forest Lawn Cemetary - Largest cemetary in the city housing hundreds of actors, huge vistas and green grass make it also a major tourist site.
Angelus Temple - Major church in echo park attracting christians of every ilk, holds over a thousand people on an average snday and almost 4000 on holidays.
Chinatown - Ethnic district near downtown holding several small landmarks and a major asian population.
SS Lane Victory - Preserved Destroyer doubling as a national landmark, now a major tourist attraction and sometime meeting place, holds a small museum inside.
The Standard - Club on top of a rebuilt hotel. currently the most popular night club in the city catering to rappers and artist alike.
Kaleidoscope - an ever changing bar in the downtown hedge that changes with the seasons, famous for thousands of liquers
Metatron Academy - A mysterious school on one of the California Coastal islands.
Riverbed Savannah Cattery - The Only Cattery in the state to sell Savannahs hybrid cats

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