Last known face of Lizette

"Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness.
Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness.
Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate."
— Sun-Tzu, The Art of War


Lizette has no public face and she changes with every visitor to the throne room. Below is a list of traits though that seem tied to her from her many visitors.

  • She may be blind as she never looks directly at anyone in any form she takes.
  • She never stands from her seat even when threatened.
  • Certain people who enter find that she looks like people even they dont remember or sometimes even themselves. she doesnt always seem to know who she will change into and has a hard time making sure she knows who she looks like sometimes.
  • Lizette Seems able to call upon an image of every lost in Los Angeles and is suspected to be spying on them when she isnt with what she calls her 'clients'
  • She knows abit too much about every Lost in the city and can drag alot of secrets from seemingly nowhere.

Lizette always Appears as whoever the Lost who has gone to see her wants to see most, sometimes this can be a mother, father or even just a childhood friend. In very rare instances of very well balanced or extremely broken changelings she has become a child version of themselves.
(Wyrd 9, Pres 7, Sublime, Inspiring, SL 2, Gentrified Bearing, Mantle 6, Status freehold 5, Hidden Life 3, Court Goodwill 4(all), Fairest, Clarity 3)


As above she has no face that is known to the public.


Lizette's Mantle never changes with her face and is a dull light behind her that she can dim with a thought, She is a regal figure in any form even if its a child or a decrepit old women making any who look upon her want to bow to her majesty. Her mantle does not have any courts element though as normal and seems to have all of them depending on her mood, when she is happy the lights around her brighten and birdsong or flower scent fills the room, angry it gets hotter and a desert wind passes through the throne room, scared or anxious and a sickly sweet taint fills the room like rotting leaves and apples, sad or depressed and frost will cover windows and metals can creak.

The Worst of her mantle is held for when she is threatened, a bright halo of pure light surrounds her head and whatever form she takes seems larger, no matter what religion or beliefs the attacker has she seems like a saint or goddess brimming with the power and fear that is her due.

Public knowlege

  • Lizette was at one time a candidate for the fall queens position but fell off the map after a few strange incidents where several fae attacked the freehold at once.
  • The Wards around the arboretum are in place partly because of her as she is one of the 3 lost who helped to put them in place with Sam Staketo.
  • Lizette is thought to be a founding member of the freehold. The problem with this is that very few lost are still alive from that long ago, if its the case then she is easily over a hundred years old.
  • After the assault on the freehold Lizette vanished for almost 20 years, she reappeared in the early 90s with her new mount some people call the Jelly manor. In reality its just a huge moving Hollow. Since she came back no one has seen her face, ever. She doesnt leave the Hollow and rarely leaves the hedge.
  • The Throne room a powerful token protects her at all times. It gives faces to the desires of those who enter and covers her own. At the same time it seems to give her the ability to look in on whatever she wants in a certain range. No one knows the extent of this tokens power or how she came across it but its easily one of the most powerful in existance.
  • Lizette is a master pledgesmith and has deals with every seasonal monarch in california, she does not however advise any monarch outside of Los Angeles.
  • Lizette never acts rashly and will not openly assist anyone in the removal of even a corrupt Monarch. She maintains only the stability of the courts not the happiness of its members.
  • She is one of the most distrusted and at the same time most relied upon lost in the area, she will speak to and advise any who can go to see her. The issue is she is so close to being Fae most lost refuse to trust her advise or at least the reason why she gives it.
  • One of Lizettes major flaws is almost common knowlege to those who see her regularly(or as regularly as possible with how much she moves around), She can not partake of any meal that she is not sharing with someone else. No matter how hungry she is she can not eat unless someone else actively joins her and honestly wishes to share the meal with her.
  • Lizette is so close to being fae that anyone with clarity 9-10 that encounters her must roll degeneration at 8.
  • Lizette has 2 constant lackeys that serve her, Stanley and Mark, Both of them are damaged changelings who work for her in there time to recover from damaged clarity. Aside from these 2 she has a small group of lost who work with her on a regular basis.

Additional Information

The Floating Manor - Lizettes Moving Hollow. Famous for looking like a monsterous jellyfish.
The Throne Room - The token that protects Lizette at all times.

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