Leo used to be nothing more than an alter ego given form by a pair of rings from the goblin market. Now however, the Cat-boy is his own person.



Adonis is often used describing Leo, a delicate face that belies a hidden intensity is what this man looks like,flowing redhair and intense gray-green eyes that sometimes are hidden by his long hair. His skin is sunkissed golden, giving the man an easy way of seeing that he is from a tropical island. He wears normally casual clothing and seems to be far more relaxed.


Leo is tall and athletic standing around 6' 3", with a golden tan. He seems to come right out of a Fangirl's dream, his purple hair is long and flowing, with fire trails curling around in it, seemingly allowing some of the strands to float. These Strands curl up to his forehead where they curl into a set of seemingly suspended beads that appear to be made of Motlen lava, giving a far more delicate look to a Summer crown. ((Mantle 5 (Summer): Red Victor, Status (Summer) 2, Fame (Freehold) 1 ))


The Mantle of the catboy is as frightening as he is. it is intense and while the flames flicker when his anger rises, it is not a hot fire, but an intense cold fire that flows around, often catching the grass beneath feet on fire and leaving plants that are brushed by with small flickers of blue flame. His ears are tipped with the blue flames and the end of his tail seems to be a tuft of the fire that almost resembles a lion's tail, his nails, or rather clawlike nails, now have blue flames on the surface, heat rising from them, leaving trails of blue smoke with each strike.

Leo, as seen by his Mein

Public information

  • Miko is Leo's Mate


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