Dutchess Lauren Sain-Pol Councilor of Pasadena

“No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly." - Oscar Wilde



Lauren is a fairly stunning women in her late teens, she carries enough charisma to make her the center of attention in any venue. Hair like spun gold, skin like alibaster and blue eyes that could catch the sun if they ever saw it again. She has full lips that seem to always be in an ironic smile like something you said was funny even if you dont know it. Her voice is on the high pitch but pleasant. (Pres 5, Inspiring, SL 4, Daeva Status 5, Invictus Status 5, City Status 3, BP 7)

Public Knowlege

  • Lauren is the last member of the defunct Noble Family Sain-pol which owned several hundred miles of wine country in old france. She still owns dozens of Vinyards which fund her lavish lifestyle.
  • She is the Domain holder of pasadena and anyone who wishes to hold domain there usually has to go to her first. She regards herself as prince of Pasadena in her more prideful moments regardless of what the inner Circle tells her. She was recently forced to take Skid row, a new title she hates with a fierce passion. she has promised revenge on the new prince
  • According to the Circle, the Ordo, and the Spears she is highly unstable and very dangerous. On more than 10 instances she has mauled or killed another kindred just because she was either bored or peckish.
  • Even Edwin wont openly mess with Lauren though on 1 instance they had a fight in court which led to her having a broken spine and him with a rapier jammed through his lung.
  • Lauren stays away from the ordo dracul under most circumstances, since she can read minds with certain powers she has and they tend to take very large offense to that.
  • She is famous for lavish parties with ghoul retainers serving as snacks, she keeps vintages from 1700s france in one of the few examples of ghouls older than some of the cities elders.
  • Over the last few years she has almost completely ceased feeding from mortals, she does it when she wants a taste but she claims to have killed over 100 kindred draining them dry of blood
  • Her and Juanito openly despise each other with Tatiana in the middle since the russian Senechal refused to endorse Lauren for Prince of Los Angeles
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