Keith Riggins


Name: Keith Riggins
Apparent age: Early 20's


A Caucasian male standing just shy of 6 feet tall with a thin athletic frame, Darkly handsome with defined features, grey eyes and a five o’clock shadow. Dressed in cargo pants and a loose shirt with a messenger bag across his back and courier lanyard dangling from his neck.

Keith doesn’t normally cast an imposing figure to mortal eyes though that might change had their perceptions not been skewed by the mask, Overall his form is lean, athletic and solid, an aura of predatory nature surrounds him, as well as the faint odor of the wilderness, clean crisp air and the faint smell of wild plants, Feeling both intimidating and appealing at the same time. To those able to breach the subterfuge he has the appearance of a Caucasian man standing about six feet tall, his hair is longer and somewhat “shaggy” around his features almost concealing his ears elongated and poking through the veil of hair, his eyes normally a grayish color shine almost silver when the light hits them similar to how his wolfish fangs gleam in the light when he parts his lips.

Public Effects

Autumn Court Mantle: 1
Fame 1 [Accomplished Jack Ketch] (Obviously this is changeling only)

Publicly Known

Coming soon


Miko "I thought you said he smelled like a dog?"

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