Juanito Rigoberto
Rigoberto at Court


Juanito is a hispanic man in his mid to late 20s with slightly lightening hair going from brown to grey, He is Generally seen in a suit and shows immaculate form in everything he does.His teeth, hair, everything is almost unnaturally clean and sterile like a doll. He gives off imperious form in everything he does with confidence that he is right and not to be messed with. (Pres 4, Bp 4, SL 2, Status Invictus 5, status city 5, status clan 3)

Public Knowlege

  • Juanito is a relatively young example of an elder and is a little over a hundred and 10 years embraced. His force of personality is what gave him control over the city of los angeles…that and his supporters Tatiana Tarasov and Joseph Marcone. With the standing support of the herald and the high sheriff in the city He gained his new position easily even if stronger kindred do exist.
  • The carthians have a strange tolerance for Juanitos reign and for some reason have made no attempt to take praxis. Theres no proof behind the rumors but its thought Rigoberto and Shartrou have a pact for an undisclosed amount of time to not fight each other. If this is true you never know when the fighting could start.
  • Juanito has no childer but doesnt seem to mind others taking there own, but he requires that anyone who wants to make a childe come to him for permission which most of the time he will give unless the kindred in question is considered an enemy of the court. Members of the 'court' of chinatown are always denied if they ask which they rarely do.
  • The last person who made fun of his name had his skull found as a center piece at one of the court tables.
  • Juanito is close to the Cardinal of California and expects all Invictus members to maintain positive relations with the Lancea Sanctum. This has made him popular with the older members of the covenent but the younger Invictus tend to ignore this order as often as possible.
  • He maintains a Ghoul family out of a home in Baldwin hills and tries to keep it secret…well its not a secret and most people try to avoid telling him so including his own court.
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