Joseph Marcone
Joseph in his suit


Joseph is a scraggly man in his early 30s, He is generally seen in a suit and with slightly wild hair. Human expressions dont set well on his face at all, even the warmest smile seems to come off as predatory and he just comes off as wrong to anyone who sees him. Any area he stands in for an extended period of time tends to feel grubby and any clothes he wears end up looking filthy with gravedirt (nosferatu, pres 3, BP 5, Hum 3, status clan 3, status city 2, status invictus 3)

Public Knowlege

  • Joseph is not a stable figure. Rumors say instead of arresting kindred for the court he will instead just kill them and claim they resisted him. The Prince is aware of these rumors and tries to debunk them but that doesnt calm down most of the citizens.
  • Torture is not allowed by court law but last time there was a Belials brood incident there was quite alot of screaming heard from a court held home in Glassel park. Those brood members probably arent still alive…but screams are still heard apparently.
  • Joseph isnt very old but his potency suggests otherwise. No one has said anything yet but Joseph might not be alive much longer if the rumors are true.
  • He is a member of a small group of Invictus Knights called the Order of the Crimson Eye. A group that only allows Nosferatu
  • He is a fan of the hunt and bringing down kindred, to avoid killing them too fast he uses a long bowie knife and a .32 pistol, not enough stopping power to bring down a neonate but enough if you just want to put one in torpor after a good hunt.
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