Jade Sevas
Jade Sevas


Jade is a thin eighteen year old girl with rich chessnut brown hair. Jade has ocean blue eyes. (5' 6", 98 lbs.) She is beautifully mixed between half Mexican and half Irish, and dresses like a tomboy, usually jeans and a t-shirt. (Striking Looks 2, Presence 2,)


Jade Sevas was raised in the Highland Park region on Los Angeles. Jade lived in one of the most overpopulated city sections with each school being worse than the last. Having her mom dying of heart failure when she was 3, Jade had a worried childhood. It was also due to general racism of her mixed Irish and Mexican heritage and her very low income family. She managed to cope fine until at the age of 9. Her father who was jobless, joined the U.S. Army. Jade with her father, were assigned to about every military base along the west coast. Jade’s father was a man the army could mold and did. Years later, Harold Sevas was made a Lieutenant. Her father, now filled with pride, remarried a women who didn’t like Jade from the first day they met. Jade distanced herself from them both.
For a few years Jade was able to live with them under one roof, until news came one rainy afternoon. Her father and four other soldiers were killed in a routine perimeter search. When Jade learned that her father had been killed in Iraq, she turned inward and became even more bitter.

. In the 3 years of middle school she was almost expelled 3 times for fighting, and almost arrested for assault. At the end of the 8th grade her stepmother had enough of her. There family wasn’t a tight knit one and she could only find one relative through Jades father who might take her through high school. The ‘cousin’ was Vipus Sevas in Japan. When Jade heard of the forced move, she was happy to be away from her stepmother and the city itself. She took a crash course in Japanese and got ready to move as soon as school ended for her. After a lengthy and somewhat strained conversation with her ‘cousin’ who agreed to look after her in the large city of Tokyo.

After graduating from high school in Tokyo, Jade's uncle passed away, leaving her a large amount of money. She moved back to LA and lives with her girlfriend, Erika. Recently Jade was kidnapped and embraced. Her sire was caught and killed during court. Jade's cousin Vipus is also in town. She has been assigned to Alena to be her mentor or Sire as they call it.

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Jade hot aint she?
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