Jackson Yamata
Last known Photo of Jackson


Jackson is a youngish chinese man with a calm demeanor and a short black hair. He is usually wearing a suit that woudnt look out of place in a boardroom. He has a somewhat bland overpolite personality that puts off most none asian people and he has a bad habit of cracking his knuckles when he thinks he can get away with it but his outer appearance hides a savagely dynamic force that sweeps over anything thats against him. (pres 3, BP 4, hum 5, status clan 4, status city 4, status crone 3)

Public Knowlege

  • Jackson is moderatly aged for a kindred, older than Juanito anyway. he claims to be over 200 years old but no one asks too closely.
  • He rarely leaves chinatown preferring to send out runners and lackeys to deal with his night to night business and is rarely seen by anyone beyond his advisors.
  • He is a fan of torture or so its said. enjoying watching or even performing sickening tortures on the enemies of chinatown especially those of Juanitos court and the Lancea Sanctum of glendale.
  • His control of chinatown is roughly uncontested by everyone. the area is too small for the main court of Los Angeles to bother with right now but times change, slowly for kindred but they do change and chinatown is a stones throw from the downtown elysia so Juanito pays handsomly for anyone with information on Jacksons movements
  • Jacksons real name is Manta, a little known fact but one that is circulating around chinatown and its kindred. But that's a japanese name not chinese isnt it?
  • He is rarely seen out of his court and his haven these days. and no one knows how he gets between the two buildings. But he is acting more and more paranoid in recent years and that worries people.
  • Jackson has an Open threat with the prince of Los Angeles for a duel, Juanito has so far not risen to the bait but who know what would happen if he does. of course this is not good for the Los Angeles Princes reputation which is probably the idea
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