Ivan Rozenmann

"The Spear is your hope and the sure sign of your Damnation. Protect it, for it is your birthright. Follow it, listen to its voice, touch its blade. Impale your hearts upon it, because it is the hope you have, not of salvation, for there is no salvation for us, but of purpose now and on the final night." Res Mortualio Divino (II.11)

Ivan Rozenmann 1739


Rozenmann Is a tall white man in his early thirties with slightly thinning brown hair and a mustache kept waxed at the corners, everything about his marks the true zeal and fire burning within him, while not marked like most Nosferatu his teeth are all Sharpened to a point and the very air around him is tainted with the reek of the grave. He Generally dresses in the manner of a mid ranked priest circa 1750 with a full leather coat and a constant ancient copy of the testament at his waist (pres 2, BP 7, Status LS 5, Status city 2, Status Nosferatu 4)

Public Knowlege

  • Ivan is around 300 years old and is very open about his age standing on the position that his years give him true status among all kindred, he backs this up with an almost extreme enjoyment of the vigor discipline
  • Ivan is extremely critical of the Ordo dracul and has clashed with Gregor on many occasions with one famous incident leading to 5 Inquisitors being sent to kill the Kogaion, all 5 were later found dead and nailed to ivans front door
  • Ivan Is Cardinal of the Western Seaboard and there is constant word of Sainting him in the name of Longinus, He has refused this on several occasions but Even the Marshalls office of Los Angeles backs the idea.
  • Ivan Contrary to his Enemy Gregor Carries a Mace into combat, the weapon is said to made from the Nails that crucified Saint Peter
  • It is rumored that Ivan was born in Romania, this is false as some historians have put it as he must be British or Irish since he came over to New york as part of the first flock of students to attend the kings college in new york at the order of King Daniel the second. Numerous records of the time place a man with the same name and appearance attending the school but many of them were lost in the 1800s riots of new york.
  • Ivan has 2 childer, one is a high ranked minister in Los Angeles' downtown district, the other is a marked Heretic that has disapeared in the last few years, Ivan has put a suspiciously high bounty on his escaped progeny.
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