Inconspicuous Weapons For Kindred

::Essay Archived under Vipus Sevas' name in the Ordo Dracul Library under UCLA, Script is horribly written in long hand and requires Several minutes just to decipher::

Cigarettes and Cigars

Do not underestimate these small and relaxing items when it comes to combat. In any fight with a Kindred spitting or flicking a lit cigarette at an enemies face will at worst get you a seconds breathing room, at best it will drive them to the red fear. This is hilarious and usually quite embarrassing.

Spray Cement

Not an easy thing to carry around against older Kindred Spray Cement is a solid way to incapacitate someone who believes you to be using useless mace or pepper spray. With the Elders lack of an urge to blink constructions spray cement to the eyes can ruin the eyesight of anyone, but not blinking can make them blind for at least a minute depending on how much damage they feel the need to do to there eyes.


Smallest handguns in the world a derringer is actually a rather mean weapon against kindred. A Derringer shot is not likely to go straight through a body making it difficult to heal properly. This can give you a short advantage in a fight as well as a quick weapon in a pinch. This also goes for .22 target rounds or Hollowpoints.

Road Flares

Any kind of flare is just unfair, an SOS flare from a boat or plane can seriously injure even an elder. Similar to chinese torture where they cut a bamboo tube into a person then pour honey into it you can do the same with thermite or a flare which leads to a slow painful death in all but the most robust kindred

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