Helpful Pages From Players

This page is for anyone who wishes to help other players with little helpful pages about how to write a better background, how to do a wiki page, or even just how to express ideas into descriptions. You dont need permission to post here as long as they are respectful and helpful to others. Other pages that may be posted here are Ordo dracul Research papers, Lancea Sanctum Treaties, Token Recipes, or even joke pages like '101 ways to cook a goblin'. This section is just to see people motivated work on things. please put your name on any link you make for reference.

Meins and you - Virgo

Inconspicuous Weapons for Kindred - Vipus

Useless Research of the Ordo Dracul Storage - Virgo

Task Force Valkyrie Threat scale - Virgo (feel free to add examples to each catagory but if they are wrong for the level or shoudnt be here they will be moved or removed)

You Never Know...

The Visor - Ordo Dracul Research Paper

Extraordinary Gentlemen

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