Haley Shadowtouch Marxez

"Mine is the night, with all her stars."
~Edward Young

Haley the touch of shadow


Haley is a tall women in her early twenties with eyes that betray wisdom beyond her years and silver blonde hair. She dresses in what looks like a long dirty gauze grey colored sweater sweaterdress with a high collar. She always wears gloves of some descriptions and she feels just weird to be around (Wyrd 4, pres 4, Sl 2, Mantle 4, status (autumn) 3)


Haley under the mask has long thin limbs that betray odd inhuman beauty, her eyes are pitch black and her dress now looks like a long floor length buckled affair made of gauze soaked in nightmares, dry blood and pain. Her hair is stark white and her smile gives pure malignance.


The air around Haley smells of dry dead leaves and the temperature drops to remind of a cold Halloween night. Leaves that weren’t there brush past her feet and it almost seems like odd slick things that aren’t meant to be seen appear at the edge of vision and vanish when you look at them, especially reaching out from under her dress. Her mantle is fear of the dark and she’s not ashamed of it.

Public knowlege

  • Haley like a few others in the city is a rapidly up and coming lost. but different from the others she seems to be older than she lets on
  • She hates the summer court. spring and winter she rarely deals with but members of the summer court have only her spite for some reason. apparently it has something to do with the man who first found her when she escaped.
  • Haley owns a moderately successful modeling agency, the previous owner just…vanished one day and she had the deed.
  • she apparently owns a rather large hollow somewhere near the mission hill hedge. no one has ever seen it though.
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