Gregor Keish


Gregor is a tallish man in his late 20s with buzz cut blond hair and a scraggly goatee, he gives off a look of being a skinhead with all his tattoos even if they are all religious in origin with several in odd languages. He generally dresses in ritual robes or older style clothes rarely dressing in anything looks like it was made in the last 40 years. He has a cutting gaze that looks like its picking apart all the secrets from your skull. One of his eyes is Grey while the other is Sea green (pres 3, BP 7, Status ordo 5, Status city 4, Status Ventrue 3)

Public Knowlege

  • If you count the elders whos age is common knowlege then Gregor is the oldest, He claims to be almost 310 years old and has never entered torpor. This cant be proven since he came from Romania but most kindred are happy to take his word for it
  • Gregor is the undisputed Grand Wyrm and Kogaion of The Ordo Dracul. while most of the cities kindred dont know what a kogaion is they do know that its a leading position of the Ordo.
  • Its Suspected that Gregor has several childer in the ordo and that he has founded his own bloodline. He refuses to admit to any of these claims but it does beg the question of why so many of his guards are ventrue when other clans do it better.
  • Gregor keeps a longsword with him at almost all times carried in a side sheath at court and in a long case in his limo when he goes out, there are hundreds of rumors about his prowess with the weapon and rumors about the weapon itself.
  • Gregor is a heated enemy of The Marshall and the Cardinal of Los angeles and doesnt hide the fact constantly arguing against them in court as he believes them to both be fools who are blinded by faith. This has never come to blows but you never know when someone will push it over the edge.
  • Due to Gregors Specialty in vampire lineages and the manipulation of blood he has brough over a small family of ghouls that he has implanted hundreds of years of memories. These ghouls mainly belong to him but there are a few moving around the city, and who knows what they know.
  • Gregor is the Creator of The Coils of Dust and has taught them only to his closest confidants for now. as such he has claimed the title Philosopher of the Vital Form. he Generally adds Kogaion or grand to this title but only when he wants to make an impression
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