Gerard Brousseau Scion of Samedi
Gerard Hero

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”
Benjamin Franklin


Gerard is a tallish Cajun in his mid 20s, well built he is wiry and energetic with long brown dreads and sparkling brown eyes. He dresses in heavy black clothes that call to mind an insane man when its summer. a heavy black coat, black slacks, boots, heavy leather gloves, and a black top hat. He would fit in New Orleans in the mid 30s but today he looks dated. He carries a black cane made of wood with a silver skull head on the top(Epic Charisma, Charisma 4, Appearance 4)

Public information

  • Gerard has been seen wearing white face pain in the form of a skull or even a solid skull mask on rare occasion, he only does this when he sees something important about to happen.
  • He has been known to leave his cane standing when he doesnt need it, it will stand there with no balance or anything holding it…just stays there pointing up with the skull watching people, rumors of whispers coming off it are common.
  • Gerard has no shadow most of the time, but his shadow is always around usually where it shoudnt be like in mirrors or pointing towards the sun
  • Gerard like to show off especially in bars throwing huge drinking games and never dying from alchohol poisoning or those rare times when he swallows bleach on a bet. Hes become known as the man with the iron stomach to those who dont know what he is
  • He lives somewhere in Pasadena, but no one knows exactly where.


Gerard in full paint
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