Fedoseev Family
Nikol Fedoseev, Matriarch


In world war 1 nothing was certain. The great war was upon the world and even the kindred, the lords of the night knew fear. This fear sparked something in the ordo dracul and a master of the ordo Gregor Keish, who instead of the fear for survival that most kindred had had a fear that the collective history and knowledge of the Kindred would be lost in fire and rage. With this he collected every mortal scholar, librarian ghoul, and student that the ordo had in the city of Abaza. With his collected slaves he weeded out every one that had in them an exceptional memory and a will to learn. Out of the 50 candidates he tested and experimented on them until he found a single librarian who could take every test he threw at her, able to remember a single number and the location of it in thousands of lines of code and able to call to mind any piece of information she ever learned with a heartbeat.
This Woman was Nikol Fedoseev the soon to be matriarch of Gregor's work with mortals and vitae. He injected her with Vitae mixed with several drugs used to cure memory and Alzheimers to see what he could make of her. Over 5 years he bred her 4 times and made sure she was injected with more of the drug cocktail every day as well as near constant use of domination and auspex. This disfigured her and weakened her body but spawned in her something that gregor never dreamed of. She had gained the ability to drink the memories of the kindred and hold them in her mind for all time. This power was spread to her progeny and Gregor used this to every advantage. He fed Nikol Copius amounts of Vitae imparting almost everything he knew to her to protect it should he ever go into torpor. He then gave several of the weaker children to his allies who used them for the same purpose. This created a web of 50-60 ghouls in the service of the ordo whos minds were vast libraries of arcane lore.
When Gregor moved to Los Angeles he took the vast majority of the family with him and has over 2 dozes of them managing his manor and the UCLA private libraries while Nikol herself now works as Gregors private Librarian and Research assistant. There are as of now only about a dozen Fedoseev not working for Gregor. While he doesnt keep track of them himself Nikol has at all times a list of every living member of her family and on Gregors orders has every child Branded with the Family Infinity crest.


The Arcane experiments and tortures inflicted on the Fedoseev family instilled in them Powers over there own minds and Memories. They can drink the blood of anyone, human, vampire, werewolf, etc and gain a single memory per pint of blood. This is not especially healthy for the Ghoul in question who usually succumbs to iron poisoning in larger doses and can give numerous long term health issues(roll for memory drinking at bottom of page). Every member of this Family also gains eidetic memory as a free merit but requires no roll to recall any piece of information, it only takes time to recall anything they have ever learned through any media.


The cost of the heavy drugging of the family though has damaged most of there bodies in some way and as such most are palid and usually have some kind of anemia, This also creates white eyes in every member from birth. All Feboseevs suffer from the bad eyesight flaw and have milky white eyes. many pass this off as blindness or some other ocular disease. Also due to the visual affects of there bad health all Feboseevs are banned from taking presence higher than 2 at creation and every new dot in presence costs x6 per dot instead of the usual 5. A less physical but no less painful backdraw of the family though is that every member belongs to the ordo dracul, every one of them is branded with an infinity symbol somewhere on there body at birth. sometimes the branding is literal other times its a tattoo or an artificially created birthmark. This ensures that every member of the family is under Ordo control for all time and anyone outside the organization who claims one of these ghouls had better not expect to have it for long.

Memory Drinking

The Feboseev family power of drinking memories Must be used on a living(or vampire) target who is usually strapped down or willing. Dead blood that has been outside the body for more than a minute yields nothing and is probably not very healthy. Any diseases Present in the body may infect the user as well as any other long term health problems.
Cost: 1willpower point
Roll: Int+stam-subjects resolve and BP(if applicable)
Action: extended per every pint of blood. requires 3 successes for every pint.
Dramatic failure: The memories are tainted somehow giving false information usually the opposite of what the Feboseev was looking for. this also inflicts 8 minus the morality of the feboseev in lethal damage as the His/her body succumbs to iron poisoning and vomits up the blood.

Failure: The Feboseev fails to garner any information from the subject and must continue to drink the blood if they want to get anything from them regardless of the damage they do to there own bodies.

success: the subject drains with 1 pint(lethal damage) of blood 1 memory nominally of his/her choosing. They generally go in knowing what they are looking for. If they do not know what they are looking for they get a random memory of the subjects choosing. This is treated as the Feboseevs memory for all intents and purposes and they feel any emotions attached to it, this creates a painful jumble in older feboseevs who might have lifetimes worth of memories they didnt live. Not all memories are perfect and may be altered at STs discretion should they be very old or traumatic. Blocked memories such as highly traumatic ones or those blocked by supernatural powers are always out of feboseevs ability to take but they do know they are there if they were looking for it and know it is blocked for some reason but never why.

Exceptional sucess: the Feboseev makes incredible strides towards the memory she wants and takes 2 memories per every 1 pint(lethal) of blood she takes. This also grants a +1 to all future memory drinking rolls against the current target should they survive.

+3 subject is willing
+2 Subject has a vinculum with the user
+2 The user was there for the sought memory or has been given a very detailed description of what happened by another witness
+3 the memory is trivial or unimportant to the subject
-2 the memory is incredibly important to the subject(ST discretion)
-2 subject is not strapped down or is otherwise resisting if unwilling forcng the feboseev to initiate a grapple of some kind
-3 subject knows what the feboseev is trying to do and actively tries to hide the memory in his mind.
-3 The subject has the merit Mind of the Inscrutable Hydra. this is in addition to the bonus granted by mind of the unblinking serpent
-2 The subject has Mind of the Unblinking Serpent

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