Element Bender

Element Benders

The Ability to Fight, using focused Elements is a long running ability. sometimes it just takes the right push to get there.

For this fighting style, there are many ways.


Fighting Style Corresponding to Each Element with at least Three dots:
Air Ba Gua Kung Fu
Water Tai Chi
Earth Hung Gar OR Southern Praying Mantis
Fire Northern Shaolin Kung Fu

For Changelings:
Contract of Element: One at Master Level to start the process.
Contract of Element: To the level of Bending you wish to acquire

For Other Supernatural Templates:
Merit: Chi Mastery

General Requirements:
Brawl: 3
Athletic: 3


This allows a moderate amount of control over an element, enough to be able to use it at will, without invoking Contracts of Elements.


One that wishes to use these must adopt a fighting style as well, but also that seasons can affect the strength of the Bending.

Please note, while this is powerful on the whole, Changelings are the only ones that are permitted to have more than ONE style of bending, due to the Contracts of Elements that they have.

Seasons of Power

Air: Autumn
Water: Winter
Earth: Spring
Fire: Summer

Misc bonuses

Depending on the Path of Bending chosen, one automatically gets the Level 1 ability of "element manipulation". Each Additional Level will be calculated at a Cost Dependent upon the Level of The Ability times 3 (the only difference in this is that of Changelings, if they have mastered the contract, they are able to cut the EXP cost in half.)

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