Edwin Taraveja
Edwin up Close


Edwin Is a Muscled hispanic man in his late twenties with a short beard and a general disregard for polite society. he usually wearing loose clothes and dressing like the gangs around his territory. He is almost constantly laughing loudly or making a lewd comment with no respect to his position in the city while his very presence fills any room hes in.(Pres 5, Bp 8, Inspiring, Status Unaligned 5, status city 5, status clan 5)

Public Knowlege

  • Edwin is suspected to be the oldest Kindred in the city and has been around longer than anyone including most of the remaining invictus elders can remember. When asked about his age he wont comment and will either change the subject or laugh in the face of whoever asked.
  • Edwin is a member of the Bruja Bloodline and some people think he is really the bloodline patron Bruja in disguise. The remaining Bruja in the city wont comment and Edwin will reject any questioning on the subject but all the Bruja call him the big brother so thats something.
  • Edwin has a weakness for the LA gangs of the downtown area especially skid row and wont tolerate anyone feeding off them including the prince himself and has destroyed several uppity neonates who have tried to embrace or ghoul gang members to get cannon fodder.
  • He has a reputation for being the most humane elder in the city and will assist any neonate who needs the help as long as they are either polite or give him some reason to help.
  • Edwin doesnt tolerate the Lancea Sanctum for some reason and he has been challenged by Sanctified Inquisitors on several occasions for his attitude. None of them have ever come back alive.
  • Edwin owns a 1934 Brough Superior SS100 and takes better care of it than most mothers do there children. Most kindred in the city are scared to come within 50 feet of it just to be on the safe side.
  • Oddly enough for his attitude Edwin has refused to join the Carthians and an almost immidiate position of Prefect on Several occasions. Most of the younger ones want him in and the elders have great respect for the man but he just doesnt seem interested in the group.
  • Edwin to the suprise of everyone in court was given the position of Gangrel Priscus in 1999, he doesnt do much with the rank but he likes the ability to tell the other prisci off when he wants and the general position of Primogen he was given just as a formality.
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