Devin Draimen
Devin Draimen

"Dust in the Wind? your life might be dust in the wind man, my life is more like a thunderstorm in the desert. When i roll through you know what happened"


Devin is a tight muscled older teen with Longer kind of thick brown hair and a heavily muscled build. Standing at 6'2 he generally stands head and shoulder above anyone else in the room and ends up looking like a UFC fighter more than a 20 something random. hes normally dresses in black jeans and a black button up shirt and is usually carrying a side bag and wearing a jacket. (Pres 2, Wyrd 3, Mantle 3(summer))


Devin is easily 6'6 and muscled like something you see in a street fighter game, His teeth are abit sharper than normaly and his hands are bit like the average shovel, The air of palpable violence around him inspires people not to poke him too much. He generally wears Black jeans, a dress shirt and a neru jacket all made from black smoke and trails a faint scent of smoke and blood behind him wherever he goes.


Devins mantle has grown into a palpable tension like a ruit that is about to break out. It gets hotter and people get edgy getting ready for violence

Public information

  • Devin is Currently Married to Corae and lives with her in there manor in the Pallisades
  • Devin had disapeared for 2 years even from his friends, many thought he had died
  • He is a hell of a lot biger than he used to be, no slouch before he looks like hes been going for Iron Man
  • The news and tabloids have been jumping on him since he came back since hes dating an actress like corae and hes been getting quickly annoyed, might be a chance for a real scoop if he beats someone to pulp.
  • He lost an arm during the reveal of the lings and has suddenly gained a very nice silvery prosthetic from the goblin market. the thing has liquid fold detailing and was probably expensive
  • He is trying to finish his Bachelors in business from UCLA
  • He Manages him and Corae's kids Ryan and Ginko most of the time claiming that if Corae's managed them there would be alot of fires.


Who can say no to that face?
Devin doesnt do suits
Devin Gaming Mastah
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