Daniel Whispers
Daniel Whispers


Daniel is a thin man in his early twenties with short black hair and a confident smile. He is olive skinned and muscled nicely. He seems almost sculpted to look like a mix of popular male models, he watches everyone around him in a hunting fashion and is generally wearing an expensive suit and wears a cologne that smells faintly of some narcotic flower.(pres 3, SL 4, Wyrd 2, Mantle 3)


Daniel is still thin but his eyes turn blood red and his swept back horns go from his temple back about 5 inches from his head, he has a thin tail that feels something like velvet and sharp teeth all giving him the classic image of a seducer devil. anything thats not odd just looks perfected and sculpted. His skin is a cool Tanned color and his ears are long and pointed back.


The area around Daniel is about 5 degrees hotter but doesn’t get uncomfortable, its more of a bedroom heat that makes others get distracted from serious matters, flowers seem to bloom abit brighter and shadows look more pleasant and welcoming. Daniel himself gains a warm glow that makes him look healthy and warm, almost trustworthy

Public knowlege

  • He is a known womanizer to most of the upscale bar owners but somehow never really gains a negative reputation, no one has ever given or received any diseases nor pregnancy. All he seems to leave is hurt feelings and he even tries to soften those, hes good at not burning bridges
  • Among the lost of the city he is…somewhat mistrusted. The monarchs dont really like him beyond Fat Sam. Most changelings female changelings though dont trust him at all…well not anymore. He will sometimes brag about having slept with most of his naysayers at least ones, especially the ones who hate him the most now. The most famous case is a Fireheart who is now known as a closet submissive after she punched him in public, this prompted him to let the secret out.
  • He is in possession of what some people call the Shadow Manse, one of the most beautiful and largest of the Hollows in the L.A. hedge. No one knows how he got it but some get very jealous.
  • Daniel is known to most of the freehold to sell fruits and types of hedge liquer to the goblin market to pay for his man vices. He always seems to have a wierd little token that makes sex or the obtaining of sex more interesting. He is most popular among the bartenders of kaleidoscope for switching his gender into a rather severe looking black haired female who seems to change a little every time hes seen.
  • despite being untrusted by many of the females of the freehold he has a wierd amount of information about what goes on to a rather suspect degree. Its even rumored hes got a few in with the vampries who hes pledgebound to not talk about him or the lost folk
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