Coils Of Dust

Coil of Dust

Embracing the unreal nature of the kindred, this coil teaches Dragons to learn they are only dust, the same as all other things become in time. This allows a Dragon to understand the mutable nature of her flesh and bone.

Protecting the body so that both it and the spirit can move forward is vital to Dragons and this coils' ability to reduce the physical effects of Damnation is very potent. The coil, quite a recent development by the standards of kindred, has only become known in the new world in the last hundred years where it was created by the Kogaion of Los Angeles Gregor Keish, Learning this coil usually requires painful rites involving self scarification and long nights of scourging.

Titles applied with this coil are: '…of the Form' if its primary or if Secondary 'Rapid' or 'Active'

First Tier: Sooth the Hurt
One vitae heals three points of bashing damage. Alternatively, one vitae heals one point of lethal damage and one point of bashing damage.

Second Tier: Resist the Darkness
Upon suffering the final point of lethal damage, the kindred may spend a point of willpower in order to remain out of torpor for one turn. The point must be spent upon receiving the damage, initiative does not change. If lethal damage persists after the next turn another point of willpower can not be spent to remain awake.

Third Tier: Sleep of Resurrection
Aggravated wounds can be healed in one night. Five vitae is still required. Multiple wounds may be healed at once. For every five vitae spent before the vampire sleeps for the day, one aggravated wound will be healed upon awakening. A full day of sleep is required and if the Kindred is awakened early the healing is imperfect (damage changes to lethal; all spent vitae is still consumed)

Fourth Tier: Invulnerable form of the dragon
The highest tier of the coils of dust, The dragon has learned how to force his blood to repair his body in overdrive. Bashing damage can be healed as a reflexive action no matter how much of it there is, lethal can be healed at 2 per turn, and aggravated can be healed at 1 per two turns. The dragon can also spend 1 more blood a turn than he is normally able for the purpose of healing only. This is extremely strenuous on the system however and costs 1 willpower whenever used. Many younger Kindred who learn this power heal themselves into hunger frenzies.

This is a fan made Coil of the dragon as used in the original Wikipedia. The Fourth Tier though is home made here by Virgo

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