Caleb Taiven
Caleb Taiven

"The first and most honored are to be the Sworn of the Axe, Their duty is the protection of the Order, the defense of its members, but above all the defense of our secrets."
-Rites of the Dragon- Vlad Teps Dracula


Caleb is a large White man in his early 30s. With bleached white hair and a huge build he somehow hopes to distract from the right side of his head that looks like a huge burn scar with a spiked ring tattoo around it. He is blind in his right eye but doesnt seem too bothered by the fact while he walks or sees things he shoudnt be able to. He is commonly dressed in heavy work clothes. (bp 5, Pres 3, Status ordo 4, Status city 2, Status Daeva 4.)

Public Knowlege

  • Caleb is somewhat famous to the kindred of los angeles for fighting a spirit that attacked the museum of natural history. The creature infected him with a poison in his face that is said to affect him even today and is only held back by that tattoo on his face's right side.
  • Caleb Woke up from Torpor in the mid 80s and is supposed to have been kept in an Ordo defended safe zone for 40 years prior. The courts records say he is 220 years old but hes been in torpor A little less than half that.
  • He doesnt make his knowlege of the coils public knowlege in the Ordo and his rank other than grandmaster is not known to anyone under the rank of master
  • He does not have any Childer and seems to think that the embrace should not be done at all, as a result of these policies he ends up at odds with the Kogaion.
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