Atlantis is the Lost City, legend to many, the past to Mages.

Atlantis, From the outside


Atlantis is a fabled city of technology and Magic (depending on whom you ask) that dates back to 9600 BC. Plato will write the tale down, noting what it is said to be, where it came from and where it went.

Mages know it is a place of amazing magic, where ancient Mages lived and used their power.

Historians and Mythologists will say it is nothing more than a tale, not real.

The Landscape of Atlantis

With the Fall of Atlantis, the city is now seemingly a wasteland, burnt out buildings that had once been a thriving world.

Atlantis, From Inside, seeing the sunrise

Inhabitants (this is currently UNKNOWN In character)

There are Five Inhabitants that have survived the fall of Atlantis


This is the only surviving ArchMagi of the Past, she is an amazing woman, though she doesn't speak. Her eyes show a great wisdom and her red hair curls around her. Due to many years of time on her own, with the ability to Magically modify herself, she has gained a set of wings.

Marlo, Last Surviving ArchMagi of the Past
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