Ansel Nyoka


Ansel Stands at a tall, slender 6' 5" the man has platinum blonde hair that cascades down his back, but is pulled back to show off golden snake slitted eyes. He wears expensive suits ( or coats with Fur collars) and is always impeccable. He seems to have a tan, despite his obvious Japanese lineage. (Appearance 3, Charisma 3, Epic Appearance 1)

Public information

* Ansel is part of a small faction of Yakuza, recruiting and leading it

* Ansel is controlled and it is often hard to tell what he is feeling or thinking.

* Ansel has a whip that was created from the Tail of Apep, a small 'gift' from his Father, whether the Snake god wanted to give it up or not.

* Ansel seems to barely care about the wants of Apep, he does what he wants, regardless of what the God wants

* Whatever his family name was, is now lost, Nyoka is the only last name he goes by.

Other Pictures

Ansel with his Favored Whip
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