Alyona Tarasova


Alyona is a petite redhead with porcelain white skin and large deep brown eyes that are easy to get lost in. Her hair reach down to the middle of her back and is slightly curly. She got pert and full lips and wide cheekbones. she stands no more than 5ยด3 with a bountiful figure. (Pres 2, Hum 7, BP 1)


Early life:
Alyona Tarasova were born the 8th september 1974 in moscow. her mother were a cook and her father,sergei Tarasova, a former waiter that turned criminal due to lack of money. Alyonas mother raised her and her younger brother, while her father streadily rose in the ranks of the local mob. Within a decade her father had worked himself into a highranking position and things were looking up. he did very well financially and he bought the family a castle near geneva and sent his children to private shool.
Then her father got arrested and spent 2 years in prison for extortion but got let out since they couldent make a case as he had the witnesses terrorised or murdered.
Alyona by this time were not unaware of what her father were doing, and stepped in while her father were locked up. Alyona showed a gift handeling the prostitution ring and were soon in charge of that. Then things changed.

Embrace and relocation:
She made a friend of what seemed to be a young man with an insatiable appetite for women. Within months he became her focus and he showed her an even darker side. She gladly accepted, when he asked her to join him. She stayed with him a decade, still working in her father gang and making alot of money doing so. Then her sire released her and told her to seek new grounds.
She went to london, using her mob contacts and her fathers money to start up again. She succeeded splendidly, and made friends with a few other kindreds there. She even dipped her toes into politics, as her new friend anne introduced her into the ranks of the crone. Their politics suited her well. As she gained her position in their ranks she started to learn more of their secrets. During the last years in london she ghouled her second in command and left him in charge of the ring, taking a more shadowy position behind him. It were time to move again, this time to LA with two other kindred.

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