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Basic Statitics

Name: Alexis Hart
Apparent Age: Early-Mid Twenties
Actual Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Clan: Mehket
Covenant: Carthian
Bloodline: Unknown
Sire: Christopher Shapiro
Player Name: hitorinotenshihitorinotenshi

City Status: City Status 2 (See What is Known)
Covenant Status: Carthian Status 1
Domain: Beverly Hills, 6-block-radias around the train station.
Notable Stats: Presence 2, Mask of Tranquility, Blood Potency 1

Physical Statistics

Height: 5'7"
Weight: About 135lbs
Hair Color: Brown or Dyed Blonde
Hair Length: Long-Shoulder Length
Eye Color: Light Blue/Grey

Description: Standing at 5'7" she has long brown hair that is damaged from constant dying and changing of hairstyle that hides light blue eyes behind the messy stray strands. She also tends to dress in brand named clothing.


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Who am I?

What is known…

  • With a first instinct, Alexis appears to be completely human. She does not inflict the predator's taint in others, and her aura appears to be that of a human's. She may even be sometimes mistaken for a ghoul when she accompanies her Sire. Though upon further investigation, Alexis is indeed a Kindred.
  • Alexis was recently brought into her vampire life by her Sire. She is still quite a neonate with much to learn, however she seems to be a very obedient and loyal Childe to her Sire.
  • She also does not tend to go anywhere without her Sire or stray too far from his side. Whether this is innate instinct, a blood bond, or simple conditioning…one thing is certain. She seems very attached to him.
  • Alexis, like many vampires, never speaks about before she became a vampire. Though the tone in her voice might suggest she believes this to be the only life, or the only one that matters.
  • She is by no means poor, on the contrary she seems to enjoy a comfortable living. Always seen in brand named clothing, enjoying a comfortable haven and other self spoiling items suggest she has quite a stable income. However, "doing what?" is the mystery.
  • She is a member of the Carthian Movement. Although she is a member, she doesn't seem too open about her politics and some may even think she doesn't seem to care about the political games of Kindred life.
  • At Court on 01-29-10, the Prince himself called "Shapiro and his Childe" to be recognized for assisting the court by putting an end to some sort of occult ceremony and bringing a wanted lost kindred back to the Prince and the Court. Though when Shapiro was given a chance to thank the prince, he would say, " Thank you my lord, we just wished to do what was best for the city as a whole and all those who inhabit it. I couldn't have done it without my Childe Alexis" showing and recognizing his own affection and appreciation of his Childe, and giving her acknowledgement in Court, giving her status in her own right in the kindred world…even as a neonate.
  • Alexis is rather… jumpy when faced with uncomfortable topics of conversation. It seems she tends to excuse herself the most when asked about her past or personal relationships. Some people take this to mean she's stuck up and too good to talk about it with people, and others seem to think it's just out of her own shortcomings to face whatever it was that happened.

In My Own Words

  • "Much like a a group of children fighting over who gets to run the fort in the schoolyard…" Said to Shapiro on the conditions of kindred court. 01/15/10
  • "Sire, May I just blow this demon up and be done with it? I'd rather not hear about another final death or illegal embrace while we play politics" Said to Shapiro After meeting with Cardinal Ivan 05/12/10

If My Life Were A Playlist

  1. Lacuna Coil - "I'm Not Afraid" Lyrics
  2. Sick Puppies - "I Hate You" Lyrics, Video
  3. Nightwish - "I Wish I Had An Angel" Lyrics, Video
  4. Within Temptation - "The Last Time" Lyrics, Video

In Their Words

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